Saturday, July 23, 2005

webcaming it

Ages ago, my tech friend put a little program on my desktop that , when I click on it, it turns on my webcam, snaps a shot every 60 seconds, and then FTP's it up to my website. Well, I rarely turn the darn thing on since I usually don't look..let's say presentable for the world to see when I sit at this machine, but hey, check. You won't see me there for any time, but I do put it on just to update my pic ever so often. Webcams of the world, move over. Pris is here!

Click HERE to see.

tapping slowly over the keys-
a zombie awakens!


Berenice said...

I see you!! And you look great!! B xx

Pris said...

I send you a check in the morning mail lol

keros said...

Hey gorgeous!!!!!!

Pris said...

Hey Diego
I'll send YOUR check in the morning mail, too!:-)

Michael Parker said...

Well hello there, Pris! You're looking good!

(And no need to send me money. I still owe you for your compliments!) :)

Pris said...

hi michael
okay, no cash for you. Whew..i was beginning to wonder how i'd pay the other two!

Anonymous said...

Pris The Dish... you look good...


contained as condensed
tin dented thus toxic
it's clear as consomme
we seldom get our dew

Pris said...

hi doug:-)
i've missed seeing your poems.

Geoff Sanderson said...

Hi P - I checked your cam just now, and guess what? Your wicked stepsister had taken the place over! She wrecked your office when your back was turned, then left a message pretending that it was 'tidy' that day. That woman is really ruining your reputation; I mean, a woman like you, so perfect in every other way, wouldn't possibly keep such a tip-heap of an office, would she?
Hurry back, before she completely trashes the place.

Pris said...

I know...she's out of control. She forced me to say it was tidy!!!