Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hurricane Dennis

It's already cost lives and homes in Cuba. We're on the East coast, but this is just a taste of how wide the effects of the storm are.
Click HERE, HERE, and HERE, to see some shots taken just after dawn this morning. The blurring is due to low light and tree movement. The clouds are like a race track overhead.



LKD said...

God, I love the photos. I'm writing a poem in my head inspired by them right now. If these lines come to any fruition, I'll show them to you. Glad I found your blog. Hi! And thanks for sharing your view of the storm.

Pris said...

Thanks for the drop by. I'd love to see your poem if you write it! I'll check your blog when I sign back on.

kizzie said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. I can't imagine having to go through something like that. One one hand it would be absolutely amazing to witness. And on the other hand I would probably be crapping in my panties. Stay dry, stay warm and stay healthy.

Pris said...

If you live in Florida, yes, you keep a BIG supply of panties on hand once hurricane season arrives. No fun, but yes, an amazing experience. It prepares you for later tortures in life lol

jenni said...

wow. as much as i love the weather and ocean in florida, i don't think i'd want to deal with the storms. hope everyone stays safe.

Pris said...

hi jenn
I'm only hoping this season doesn't mimic last year's. If it does, I may seriously think about moving. For years, hurricanes have skirted us. Now we seem to be right in the crosshairs.