Saturday, January 29, 2011

Guerilla Pamphlet 7 is out!

To see the PDF version, go to Guerilla Homepage and click up top left on the current issue. The PDF version will appear. It's a fun pamphlet to be in. My two doll graphics are in this one. I'll post one as a teaser.

This is called Doll Casting a Spell. (click to see her in all of her 'large sized' glory.


Friday, January 21, 2011

What a nice thing for Annette Hyder, poetry editor of In the Fray, to do.

She posted this about me on her blog today. I love it. Go to Annette Hyder blog and leave a comment, if so inclined. I'm sure she would appreciate it.

Disclaimer. The photo was taken MUCHO moons ago, but brings back wonderful memories. I was visiting my parents and had taken a walk with a much loved cousin on down the road leading into country. We stopped at these trees to take the photo. My dear Dee Dee is gone now, as are my parents and our home there. They live on in this photo and haiga created by Mike Keville.

The link opens in a new window.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I finally broke down and bought a Kindle reader, the less expensive WiFo one, not the 3G. I have an encrypted wireless router, so this was fine for my needs. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I like the no back-lit screen, the light weight, so many free books or ones for 99 cents, and the ease in using it.

It's actually nice not to try to hold pages open in tightly bound books when I read, or have used books I buy at Amazon and have read stack up until they can be donated to the library. Since I do keep some books now I don't need to search for bookshelf space, either. A feature I really like is that once a book is read, when from Amazon, you can removed it from your Kindle but it stays in your Kindle archive to be downloaded free again later. The folders for putting books into categories also makes the list you do want on hand far more manageable.

Right now I'm not able to read as much as I want to, either books or online. PT for my whiplash (which still gives me headaches) and now speech therapy coming up for a problem with my vocal chords is pretty overwhelming. My energy is so limited that I'm crashing more than I'm doing anything else.

And finally, an older poem to share:


Bare on the stained mattress,
hair spread beneath her
like the flame of a rising sun,
this runaway, this woman fleeing
her midlife, waits for the crazy man.

He lives in a jade forest,
cabin carved with his fingernails.
They've spied on him since Nam,
he's told her, aiming satellites close
in to listen, painting cryptic messages
across the sky with their jets.

She doesn't care.
She half believes him, wants
to believe him in her rush to escape
her glass house by the sea.

For that moment,
that sweep into another life
in her wish for a new man inside her,
a fresh mouth suckling her breast
she has given up everything, but

he carves deeper into the forest.
The voices say she's the enemy, too.
Thorns cut her feet leaving.
Judas kisses away her tears.
A cross marks the road home.

Pris Campbell

Published in The Cliffs: Soundings,
March 2008

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Haiga out in Sketchbook Journal and the saga of lost voice continues

Look in Sketchbook Journal under 'haiga' on this haiga index page for two individual haiga by me and under 'photo haiga' to find two collaborations with Geoff Sanderson.

A good issue!

After a voice loss of three months plus, I went to the ENT, having delayed it only because I've had this problem since I got ME/CFS and for much longer periods in the beginning with nothing ever showing on my vocal chords. This time I have something called a 'glotic' gap, an atrophy that gives a 'bowlegged' appearance to the chords causing hoarseness and pain when talking. Speech therapy strengthens the atrophy and hopefully will give me my voice back again. It begins as soon as we can schedule it and work it around the whiplash treatments which are still twice a week.

I remember when my schedule was filled with work, my bike, sailing, piano, reading and friends....sigh.