Sunday, January 09, 2011

Haiga out in Sketchbook Journal and the saga of lost voice continues

Look in Sketchbook Journal under 'haiga' on this haiga index page for two individual haiga by me and under 'photo haiga' to find two collaborations with Geoff Sanderson.

A good issue!

After a voice loss of three months plus, I went to the ENT, having delayed it only because I've had this problem since I got ME/CFS and for much longer periods in the beginning with nothing ever showing on my vocal chords. This time I have something called a 'glotic' gap, an atrophy that gives a 'bowlegged' appearance to the chords causing hoarseness and pain when talking. Speech therapy strengthens the atrophy and hopefully will give me my voice back again. It begins as soon as we can schedule it and work it around the whiplash treatments which are still twice a week.

I remember when my schedule was filled with work, my bike, sailing, piano, reading and friends....sigh.


Jim K. said...

very nice mood pieces!

the b+w / bending reflection
looks like viewing through
pressed glass

Pris said...

It does, doesn't it??:-)

Anna G Raman said...

Nice haiga. Congratulations!

Pris said...

Thanks, Anna. I appreciate you taking a look at them.

Chef E said...

I am excited to explore this haiga seems like it would be a more sophisticated version of my hacked job of photo musing writing.

I love the poem above this, very nice imagery! Jim K, knows his poets!