Monday, December 27, 2010

Self Interview with Scott Owens and myself in Referential Magazine

Go HERE to read more about how Scott and I collaborated to create The Nature of Attraction. Thank you, Jessie Carter, editor (former editor of Folding Word). The journal is based on an interesting concept. Read about it and submit.

My voice is making some attempt to come back after this extended loss from Oct 8 on, my longest in years now, but not like when I lost it completely for three years in the early years of ME/CFS. This illness is a challenge, to put it mildly. Today was an especially weak day, one that takes everything I have in me just to get from room to room or lift my arms. The interview came as a nice surprise on such a day. I knew it was coming out, but not when.


Oh, for fun, a few shots of houses in a neighborhood near ours that uses enough electricity over the Christmas holidays to feed a family in Africa for six months.


kitty said...

WOW those christmas lights really are something!!! Hope you had a good one :-)

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Pris! And your poetry is beautiful! Wish I could write poetry!

I invite you to follow my blog :-)

Fellow CFIDS-challenged,


Pris said...

Thanks. We had a quiet one. Just what I needed.

Thanks for your complimentary words, Judy! I did click on follow, though I have to say I'm not great at reading the many wonderful blogs out there due to the cognitive issues. I did read the top part of your blog about exercising your way to improvement. I'm glad that worked for you. You do realize that many can't make that work for them, myself included....yes, I tried.. so you're incredibly lucky and strong spirited, to boot.

Anonymous said...

Pris, thanks for following my blog! I hope I get to read yours more often too--as concentration and my teens allow! (We only have one computer!)

Yeah, I'm all too aware of plight of most of us, Pris. I changed my blog a little to reflect that. I changed the opening paragraph, etc.! I'm glad I did. I think my meaning was accidentally misleading and misconstrued!!

Also, we can all carefully push our limits, even if it is not the physical ones! It's a challenge to grow as a person emotionally or mentally or spiritually!


Pris said...

I do like your new opening. I can really relate to the growth in other areas!