Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Haigaonline is OUT and my husband and I are in this 'family' themed issue

My husband and I are in the 'just out' Haigaonline. This is the family issue. I used photos he took when he helped convoy a boat from Nassau to Norfolk (they went on to Canada) to create my haiku. He went through many areas quickly that I sailed /motor-sailed more leisurely in my 1977 trip.

This link doesn't go straight to our work. Click on 'contemporary haiga' in the index. Little arrows across the top will lead you to all three haiga.

Other great haiga in here, too. I especially like the innovative collage haiga.



Jim K. said...

Nice site!
Things load quick
and fill the screen.
A sense of distance in
your piece.

Pris said...

Hi Jim...finally getting back to my blog comments. Thanks for checking this out!