Saturday, April 30, 2011

Making Love, a poem by Rebeccan McClanahan

Why make? I used to wonder.
Is it something you have to keep on
making, like beds or dinner, stir it up

or smooth it down? Sex, I understood,
an easy creaking on the upholstered
springs of a man you meet in passing.

You have sex, you don’t have to make it,
it makes you - rise and fall and rise again,
each time, each man, new. But love?

It could be the name of a faraway
city, end of a tired journey you take
with some husband, your bodies chugging

their way up the mountain, glimpsing
the city lights and thinking, If we can
keep it up, we’ll make Love by morning.

I guess it was fun for somebody,
my grandmother once said. By then
I was safely married and had earned

the right to ask, there in the kitchen
beside the nodding aunts. Her answer
made me sad. In her time, love meant making

babies, and if I had borne twelve
and buried three, I might see my husband
as a gun shooting off inside me, each bullet

another year gone. But sex wasn’t my question.
Love was the ghost whose shape kept
shifting. For us, it did not mean babies,

those plump incarnations the minister
had promised - flesh of our flesh,
our increase. Without them, and twenty years

gone, what have we to show
for the planing and hammering, bone
against bone, chisel and wedge,

the tedious sanding of night
into morning - when we rise, stretch,
shake out the years, lean back,

and see what we’ve made: no ghost,
it’s a house. Sunlight through the window
glazing our faces, patina of dust

on our arms. At every axis, mortise
and tenon couple and hold. Doors
swing heavy on their hinges.

I love her poetry!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Attire:-)

Okay, the secret is out! Queen Elizabeth, hoping to train Prince William for stepping into her shoes one day, has INVITED PRIS' PINK HAT to be part of the wedding. Here, seen for the first time is the couple in their wedding attire!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Miami doc day

I see my ME/CFS doc today down at the U. Miami center that Dr Nancy Klimas runs. I'm crossing my fingers that one of the visits will bring a supplement or whatever I can tolerate that will increase my quality of life just that wee more. I always can find out the latest in research when I go, too, before it's public since my doctor and Nancy Klimas are good friends and she's kept up to speed.

The long ride down and the wait, visit, half my blood drawn out (kidding) and the ride back all make for a pooped kid when I get home even though I have pillows and lie down in the back each way. It's all that shaking and bumping around that makes me dizzier and tired, but sitting up doesn't change it and I can at least semi-doze.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Daytona getaway!

I was able last weekend to take my fourth 'away' in these 20 years I've had ME/CFS. My husband drove my friend and me to a condo on the ocean where we had one short outing each day with the help of a push chair and mostly just enjoyed being there on the ocean and relaxing. I'm crashing this week but the trip was worth it. I love the sea. I'm enclosing a few photos.

Shot inside the condo taken in the wall mirror running along one side. My friend is in the kitchen area and my husband is out on the patio watching the sea

Take from our patio right before dawn.

View from our patio just before the sun came up.

I'm standing in front of our car on the beach. It was HOT.

This was at the inlet. My husband rolled me out so I could see better. A sailboat is coming in behind me.

Click any photos to enlarge.

Now I'm off to rest again.

New Haiga out at Ink Sweat & Tears

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Monday, April 04, 2011

Long time between posts

I've felt still so sapped of energy between friend visits (people I badly wanted to see) , whiplash therapy, and speech therapy that this blog has taken last place. Simply a matter of using my energy to do what I need to do and not much left over.

I do have a couple of poems up at the Outlaw Poetry Network. Click HERE to see them and comment on their site if you like them. For those of you who don't know John Bennett, he's an amazing poet and writes short verse he calls 'shards'. The first poem is dedicated to him. The second is titled 'Virgins'.

Back off to muster my energy. Thank you all for hanging in with me here.