Thursday, April 14, 2011

Daytona getaway!

I was able last weekend to take my fourth 'away' in these 20 years I've had ME/CFS. My husband drove my friend and me to a condo on the ocean where we had one short outing each day with the help of a push chair and mostly just enjoyed being there on the ocean and relaxing. I'm crashing this week but the trip was worth it. I love the sea. I'm enclosing a few photos.

Shot inside the condo taken in the wall mirror running along one side. My friend is in the kitchen area and my husband is out on the patio watching the sea

Take from our patio right before dawn.

View from our patio just before the sun came up.

I'm standing in front of our car on the beach. It was HOT.

This was at the inlet. My husband rolled me out so I could see better. A sailboat is coming in behind me.

Click any photos to enlarge.

Now I'm off to rest again.


Jim K. said...

Very nice. Good time of year there?
(I'm thinking, warm but not too)
We walked Boston. It was very raw,
but the Commons/Crossing area is
recovering and bustling again.

Brian Campbell said...

Good on you. You're an inspiration, Pris.

Pris said...

Jim, it was very hot when we were there, so much so that if we feel we can go again next year we'll try for March.

Brian, it was a thrill to go again. We'd gone in 2008 and loved the condo. Inbetween I had a bad foot injury , then we were rear-ended so I extra dizzy/headachy and in no shape with that on top of ME/CFS. My friend had it even worse with another bout with cancer and pneumonia. She and I have been friends since our thirties, so strong then with me biking daily and her doing power walks. We worked full time and enjoyed our lives. To have this time... well, a touch of normalcy back into our lives was wonderful. My husband was special for driving us and helping.

steve said...

Great photos, wonderful that you had the time away.

Pris said...

Thanks. It was really nice.