Monday, April 04, 2011

Long time between posts

I've felt still so sapped of energy between friend visits (people I badly wanted to see) , whiplash therapy, and speech therapy that this blog has taken last place. Simply a matter of using my energy to do what I need to do and not much left over.

I do have a couple of poems up at the Outlaw Poetry Network. Click HERE to see them and comment on their site if you like them. For those of you who don't know John Bennett, he's an amazing poet and writes short verse he calls 'shards'. The first poem is dedicated to him. The second is titled 'Virgins'.

Back off to muster my energy. Thank you all for hanging in with me here.



cinderkeys said...

Hope you have as pleasant and relaxing a muster as possible.

Chef E said...

I enjoyed reading them, as much as your facebook pink hat travels :)

Pris said...

Thank you both, and yes, that pink hat does get around:-)