Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Clark Coolidge Debate continues......and continues.....

A few weeks back, Ron Silliman devoted a six page (printed out) post slapping me on the wrist for not appreciating the poetry of Clark Coolidge. It seems that post has reveberated around the web. Read HERE for more. Find the small link among others under the first larger link list entitled 'A WDS Tribute to Silliman' for a take off on Silliman's original post. (Clark C is still coming up on the Silliman blog--see my links to right--in a post two days ago).

Is there some reason we are not allowed to not like Clark Coolidge?? Were I to say I didn't like green cars would there be such a rukus?



didi said...

Well I don't like Coolidge and I don't like spiders and snakes and I don't like a lot of other poetics either.


Pris said...

I me, it's absurb to insist we all have the same taste--or be damned.

Erin said...

You don't like Coolidge!? OMG, and you call yourself a POET!?

Yeah, I don't like him either :)

Pris said...

Hey Erin
That makes three of us???

Rae Pater said...

who is Coolidge? Someone I should know about?

Pris said...

Hi Rae
Google him and you'll see the controversy. If you click on that link, the section quoted from his ninety something page missive is no joke. It comes from Coolidge's poem.

Also go to to see Silliman's blog archives.

(I can't make the comment create a hot link like in the main blog post)

Read June 6 and June 10, both about Coolidge (the earlier being the one directed to me..the comments in the earlier one are a book in themselves. The parady comment by the head of Boston Comment is as hilarious as the link on my blog.

Now aren't you glad you asked this question?:-)

Ron Silliman, if you happen to read this, plueeze, no more posts to me. I don't like Clark Coolidge. That's my personal choice, just like my underwear.

Rae Pater said...

who the hell is Ron Silliman?

Sounds like he's got the right name, lol.

Your underwear Pris????
I dunno .... I thought someone else picked that out for you heh heh

Pris said...
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Pris said...

I'll email an answer.