Friday, July 08, 2005

Fish Fish

This photograph was taken by Sue Baker Wilson near her home in Katikati, New Zealand. Does it inspire a haiku or perhaps a short verse?? If so, post it in a comment.



Michael Parker said...

short verse! Please!

Pris said...

I see the fish and I have a wise guy on board lol

a runner's feet
thud past him-
beyond caring

Pris said...

(I meant the fish, not the runner:-)

tammy said...

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.
This one has a missing eye.
This one wishes he could fly.
This one dances to songs to a midnight sky.

(yes, I read Dr. Seuss to my son every night).

Pris said...

Hey, cool! :-)

Michael Parker said...

Ha! You're right, my first response could be misunderstood.

I would love to see something more than haiku, is all, something longer. I say this because I lived in New Zealand for a couple of years, living for a time just north of Katikati and also south of it. Beautiful place.

Pris said...

oh please write a long poem to it, then. I've been getting photos from Katikati for around five years now from my friend. Yes, it IS beautiful. I envy your living there. I think if I were to choose to live in any other country, it would be NZ. I have photos going all the way from the mountains to the whales coming up the channel in front of my friend's house to sunsets to graveyards to countryside. It's lovely!

Anonymous said...

Nice pic Pris.... it's been awhile, hope things are well with you... anywho, thought I would drop off my ku....

washed up
nowhere to go--
dead end


Pris said...

Hey CJ
I like. A good fit.
(now, egads...CJ, you've got to give me a hint. My mind doesn't handle initials well at all, even my own:-)

Michael Parker said...

Not me. I'm all poemed out right now, Pris. The muses are on vacation, possibly in NZ.

Pris said...

hi michael
i WISH mine were there now:-)