Saturday, July 16, 2005

Tech Tech, Here Comes the Tech!

My friend, Lloyd, is coming over today to help me find out why I've had the blue screen of death three times this week. The message I get back is that it's a corrupted modem driver, but those Windows messages are ultimately guesses. Leave me a story of the craziest thing you've ever done so I'll have interesting reading when I come back online later today??

My driver is fixed. I also now have cleartype installed on my LCD monitor..yes,it makes a difference and I'm also now a volunteer computer that can be used when idle in the same group Lloyd's in doing cancer research.

I'm also pooped. I'll be back tomorrow.

I also see that, so far, nobody has any exciting stories to tell. Lucky guys, you're out living them today:-)


Berenice said...

Craziest thing?? Hahahahaha!!!!!

I got one.

Not sure if I should tell though.

It's something I did on my camping trip with Mum and Bro last week. What's it worth Pris.......;-) B xx

Pris said...

okay,the bid starts with a buck!!!

Berenice said...

A buck??


*scratches head*

*thinks some more*

Nah. Higher.


B xx

Pris said...

okay okay..a poem in your honor with the story as my kickoff point:-)

Berenice said...

Oh boy!! You don't know what you're letting yourself in for!!


Once upon a time B went fishing with her family. She went to a nice lake in some beautiful countryside. It had everything. Good company. Water full of lots of fishes. A lovely grassy field to pitch a tent in. The sun even shone. Like I said, it had everything...well....almost.


Okay, B (being an easy going indivdual) could manage lurking behind a bush for the odd pee. It was a solution, albeit inconvenient. But...

Bet you know what's coming next!!!!!

Well, armed with a trowel and a roll of toilet paper, B set off to find something more substantial than a bush.

Ahem...there will now be a slight break in this broadcast whilst B composes herself. better not be laughing ;-)It was a very serious occasion, under that large bush/tree thingy.

B has issued the following statement, which will be read by the press officer for unusual latrine locations:

I would like to say that digging my own hole in a feild in an undisclosed location somewhere in Wales and then using it for a purpose which is best left to the imagination (God help you if yours is vivid) was the most unique experience of my life. B xx

*B blushes and smirks sheepishly*

(There were plenty of them around too!!)

Pris said...

Oh lordy B lol

Now THIS is certainly....fodder, shall I say, for a poem.

geoff. said...

That's nothing unusual Berenice; we used to do a lot of wild camping in the far north of Scotland when our children were young. The Isle of Skye was the most remote location we got to - camped by a lovely little inlet, we had that bit of Scotland all to ourselves. When the need arose, we would set off up into the forest armed with a shovel and a lump of rough rock - we were tough in those days.
I can honestly say that was the most scenic crap I've ever enjoyed.

Pris said...

hmm..we all have something in common. We camped halfway down the Peace River in the eighties. You strapped a tent and gear in a rented canoe and prayed you didn't hit an underground branch or an alligator. No bathrooms, of course. I remember spading a hole and then wrapping a blanket around myself for privacy from some tenters I could hear in another part of the woods along the spot we picked to camp for the night.

Berenice said...

Ooeer P & G. So I can remove my blushing head from it's paper bag then?? What closet ad-lib potty diggers we are!! B xx

Pris said...

Maybe we could form a Trio and call ourselves La Grand Diggers of Mama Earth??

Anonymous said...

Pris, you mean 'Les Grande Diggers ...'don't you? This shall be our story:

Let us go now, Pris and B and I
when night draws its dark veil across the sky,
and, armed with trusty spade and the evening paper,
head for the bushes and a jolly potty caper.
There let us dig in desparation
casting modesty aside without hesitation;
and then we'll ......

But, dear reader, your blushes shall be spared -
suffice it to say, it was a pleasure shared!

D. Crappit

Berenice said...

Hey Sir DC,
let's hope none of us three
gets psychological constipation,
most inconvenient that would be!
B xx

Pris said...

He corrects my grammar even in French lol
And a poem from one of the digging crew!! Wow!