Sunday, July 31, 2005

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

Actually this is Spring Break in Ft Myers, Fl, my senior year. A shot of my boyfriend. I spent the break with him and his sister, one of my closet friends (and still is).

Now, if he'd been a poet, he coulda been a contender for our calendar:-)

More lazy days of summer...(yes, I had out the old album)

This was one of my friend and me (I'm the one with no glasses and the vamp look)sitting on my boyfriend's car at Daytona Beach. I went to Stetson, which was less than an hour's drive away, so on weekends when there wasn't too much else to be done, off to the ocean we went!


Geoff Sanderson said...

I've caught you at it, posting Sunday blogs on Saturday - you time-shifter, you; what's next - your Christmas Message?

And hey, how did you let this hunky guy get away?

Pris said...

Guilty as charged :-) I've actually been posting the next day's post late the day before for a while now, off and on, but did it before you went to bed this time and you caught me.

I wanted to go to graduate school. Didn't want to marry right after college and he knew that, too, so , while we cared for each other, we held back any feelings that went any deeper. I still hear from him from time to time and have seen him over the years. He's still one hell of a nice guy. Sweet and gentle, the way he was when I dated him.

Pris said...
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Pris said...

I lost my server typing the above message and it got posted twice.

azure_erin said...

definately a calendar candidate... too bad he isn't a poet!!!

Pris said...

He's older now, but still a good looking man. This photo makes me hope one of our poets strikes a similar pose for the calendar. It's really quite appealing and unusual.