Thursday, July 07, 2005

From My Window Redux

I belong to a yahoo World Haiku Club Multimedia group. Members of the group come from all over the states, including Hawaii, Japan, Australia, Canada, and more. We post and comment on haiga. Recently, a member thought it would be fun to post views from our windows, with at least one shot including a portion of the window, itself, so we could catch a glimpse of each other's everyday world. She's collecting them on a page to share.

If you click HERE, you'll see views of my front yard after a rain, during a rain (it rains a lot in Florida!) and my backyard, as viewed through the panes of my French Doors.

If you'd like to share your own window view, post on your blog and leave a comment with the URL.


sakuo said...

Good afternoon. I am here, coming from Japan.
Standing at your window side,
I can enjoy still afternoon.
Thank you for sharing it wiht me.


Pris said...

Thank you so much for your visit! It was fun imagining you looking out my window with me.


none said...

those blasted plastic chairs! I have a couple of specimens loitering on my patio as well. Damn them, damn them to hell!

mouse said...

Pris, I love the window views! I am in southern california and it is so very dry and hot that looking out your window feels nice and cool. I know this is an illusion. I know that it is hot and muggy in Florida. Looks can be deceiving. Sometimes it is blissfully nice to have an imagination! Thank-you

Pris said...

Hi mouse
Yes, it was around 90 the day of that last photo, with the temperature rated as feeling like 103. When we had the hurricanes last year and prolongued power outage, the bed literally became a pool of sweat. Winter here is the nicest. Winter starts really in late December/early January.