Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Featuring the poetry of Tim Peeler

Tim Peeler is another contemporary poet I admire greatly. He has graciously given me permission to post the following poem as an example of his work. Tim is the second in a series of poets whose work I'll be periodically featuring. (If you visit his website, you'll discover who owns the hand on his shoulder)

Tim, thanks!

Poem for George Harrison

Think will you
of the gray morning mist,
the cat coiled on a carport chair,
the bark of coyotes by the distant river,
the heavy groan of the garbage truck, urging
the highway stoplight to blink red, then green.
Think then
of spotted horses edging into the meadow,
steamy nostrils flared-
Yes, it's a big picture, so
think of a mountain, black and broad enough
for a backdrop, quiet and royal in the dawn,
where light collapses in long blue shadows-
Think of a song;
then think of the sun.

Tim Peeler

Read more about Tim Peeler, including information about his publications at his Website

Here are a couple more of his poems published in Thunder Sandwich


didi said...


I enjoyed this poem. Tim kinda looks like George.


Pris said...

Come to think of it, he does:-)

Michael Parker said...

Thanks for introducing Tim. I liked this poem. I'll be sure to check out his site.