Saturday, August 13, 2005

Getting Routered

My tech buddy comes over today to put in a router so that my husband's machine and mine will be independent. After having three blue screens of death lately (I really do hate that term), it means both won't die and I'll have a backup.

I met Lloyd on the Windows Forum around four years ago when I was having horrid problems with a previous machine and had gone through two techs who knew nothing. At the time, he was co-host on the Forum and it turned out he lived about a half hour from me. Finally, when the last tech was telling me that I needed a new hard drive , with no evidence of failure, Lloyd posted that I was to do nothing. He was coming to look at the machine. He later told me that his friends told him he was crazy. I could be a mass murderer. My friends told me the same thing:-) Well, I'm still alive and so is he and he's been a good bud over these years. He helps me with puter stuff and my husband fixes his A/C. So...some internet connections DO turn out well. Here's to you, sotdr! You're great!


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