Friday, August 19, 2005

Break Day

I spent a lot of time on yesterday's post. Today, I'm pampering myself in hopes this darn cold goes away. SOON!



Geoff Sanderson said...

Pamper away Pris - you deserve lots of it. Get yourself well and come to England, then Jill and I will smother you with 'Pamper'

Pris said...

Here in the States, Pampers are diapers. Is that your plan? lol


Michael Parker said...

Yes, pamper yourself! You deserve it. Thanks again for a fascinating look at the antiwar movement!

Pris said...

Thanks, Michael
I'm only checking email today and plan to watch a good movie. Did you see 'Talk to Her'? It's Italian with subtitles. I saw it recently. A strange, but intriguing movie.

Steven Moore said...

I'm just about to start work - 4 hours tai chi. I'll send you good energy.

Saw Where is the friend's house? the other day - an Iranian movie directed by Abbas Kiarostami. It's amazing. His films always have some unexpected and unsentimental emotional explosion at the end. A bit like Brando's smile at the end of The Wild One. I'd recommend it.

P.S. We have Pampers over here too, the nappies that is.

Pris said...

Hi Steven
I'm looking forward to that energy! Thanks.

I just looked up that movie on Netfix and they don't have it...a surprise, since they have a pretty good selection of foreign films. The places that rent out here just cater to the here and now smash box office hits.

Berenice said...

Rest up and get better Pris! Pampering is good for the soul...and for Pris Campbell :-) B xx

Pris said...

Thanks, kiddo..I be pooped.