Tuesday, August 23, 2005

War in Iraq...will we ever learn??

Click on the title. You'll likely need fast access. The presentation has sound. It was sent this morning by an online Vietnam Vet friend. He asked the question, 'Will we ever learn?'. I wrote back, 'apparently not'.

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Just added: See Michael Parker's Blog for today. Senseless and outrageous killings...but let his post tell the tale! He provides links for any of us willing to take some small step. Get involved??



Michael Parker said...

Hi Pris. Thank you for posting a link to my blog today. I appreciate this.

And I will repost here later this evening when I review the link to the video you mention here. I can't wait. Thanks for sharing it, introducing it to us.

Pris said...

Hi Michael
That was a powerful post on your blog!

Michael Parker said...

Thank you, Pris!

Michael Parker said...

Pris, I just finished watching this montage of pictures. First: I would never have known that the Trent Reznor's (from Nine Inch Nails) angry song "Hurt" would be so well used here, covered by the legendary Johnny Cash. Excellent song to use for this montage and likewise, an excellent cover. Cash's vocals accentuates the key phrases in this song: "you could have it all;" "empire of dust," and most especially "we lose who we love most in the end."

Second: The montage of violence and death on boths sides of this war is most powerful. I think it highlights a most amazing point: strip away our differences and you'll see we are all the same.

Third: This montage also accentuates the fact that this was a needless war, strategized and run by people who wanted it to happen before the planes even hit the towers. I think the question we need to pose to them is "Why?"

Pris said...

I thought the choice of music was especially effective, too, though I didn't know the name of it.

I, too, liked the balance in this..showing the death and anguish on both sides.

It still moves me to tears.

erin said...

Hey all,

I disagree... sorry. The voters elected the leaders that are in office now, and the situation we are in is impossible. If we don't step in, they kill us-- if we do step in our men and their men die... I agree, the killing is sometimes sensless, but doesn't Ecclesiastes say "there is a time for war and a time for peace?"

Saying that the war in Iraq was plotted before the planes hit the towers is ludicrous... Bush, put in a very tight spot after 9/11, made the best decision that he knew to make based on the voters. He was forced to finish what his father could not, and acted on the information he had... Pulling out now would only come to the same results his father came to: a never ending conflict that another leader is going to have to figure out how to resolve.

Why not stop bitching about the war and crying "Peace" and start praying for a safe return for the soldiers ready and willing to fight so that we can stay free?

Pris said...

Everyone is going to have different opinions on war. Granted, having men I loved go through one war makes me even less eager to see our boys in another one.

As for Bush, who knows what was in his head at what point in time, but he got us into the war under false pretences..weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist..and did it against the wishes of the U.N., an international body we're supposed to respect.

No, I don't think mass exodus is the key, now that we're there, either. It's too late. The screw is in, but we can try for a better transition, surely, than more killing. The bulk of Iraq--the ones we're there to 'help' don't want us there. That much is clear.

Pris said...

I forgot to ask, too...was curious about your statement that they're fighting so that we can stay free. What are you referring to?

Michael Parker said...

Erin, You must not have heard of the recent revelation of the Downing Street Memo, notes of a secret Prime Minister's meeting on July 23, 2002 stating that President Bush was intent on invading Iraq and how Bush and Blair could justify it.

Read about the memo at http://www.downingstreetmemo.com/.

I've been following the topic of the invasion and war in Iraq since after 9/11. I know that Rumsfield (as reported by Time Magazine, May 13 2002) and others immediately tried making ties between Osama's attack and Saddam. (On September 17th, Terence Hunt of the Associated Press published an article titled "Bush: No Proof of Saddam Role in 9/11" which helps validate this.)

Based off of commentary I've read and studying the blueprint set forth from the Project for the New American Century, it is my belief that Iraq was planned back in 2000, and as you say, to go in and finish what daddy didn't do.

And regarding praying for the soldiers, I already do. I've had two friends serve over there.

Finally, two things. 1) I have a right to bitch because I'm an American. And 2) this is my gift for you Erin, written by the Poet Laureate of Britain, Andrew Motion, prior to the Iraq war.

Causa Belli

They read good books, and quote, but never learn
a language other than the scream of rocket-burn.
Our straighter talk is drowned but ironclad;
elections, money, empire, oil, and Dad.

Rae Pater said...

Hi Pris,

I love Johnny Cash's voice. I remember watching him on TV when I was young. He had his own show I think?
Remember that song 'I Walk the Line'?
And all those train songs ...

I remember John e wrote a poem about a trainline once that gave me the same feeling as Johnny Cash's song used to.

As for the war ... it's just sad. The rest of the world (well everyone over here anyways) thinks it's all about oil and the rest is just political rhetoric.

But I just think, people's babies are out there dying, and I can never reconcile that to myself.

I'm not much for politics and I make no claim to any informed opinions, just my own personal feeling that killing is the most unfortunate activity that humankind engages in.

Thanks for posting the link.


Pris said...

Thanks for that link. I had heard, of course, that Bush wanted in and only wanted a justification, but hadn't heard that there was any written evidence. I'll look that up.

It's good to see you again. I DO remember that Johnny Cash song. That voice has been around for a long time.

Don't be a stranger:-)

jimfow said...

The late Benjamin Barber had it right.


Pris said...

Hi Jim
I'm printing that out to read right now, it looks so interesting. Too long to read it all online. Good to see your face again.

gingerivers said...
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johnee said...

erin: ...Why not stop bitching about the war and crying "Peace"...

yeah right, like to stop wishing for peace is a good thing, anytime, anywhere ... hypnosis takes hold ...