Friday, August 05, 2005


(this is a poem I wrote about a year ago)

I once imagined it would be you,
dancing between my thighs
during the days when I first
contemplated my mortality.

What else to think of a man
who brought me glass slippers,
and plaited my hair with sunlight
before spilling promises
as easily as cheap wine
in a brothel?

I no longer wait for hands
now repelled by bared nipples,
a tongue reluctant to explore
moist spaces, a mouth
gone mute to words about love.

We have declined into
silence, my body tumbled
to illness- trapped, with you,
here among the cinders.

Light has been sucked into
the hole where once there was us
and I mark off these charred days
with red on my calendar.

Will I escape you, I wonder;
flee to my pumpkin
before the clock strikes twelve?

Answers elude, but
when gravediggers
line up with shovels
and women perfume my feet
with sage, should one soul
bend and softly inquire
about life's greatest
disappointment, I'll say,

you, dear,
it was you.


Steven Moore said...

This poem bristles with raw anger!

Here's one of Ken Patchen's. Just imagine the poems you'd write if you'd found him as a lover.

I’d want her eyes to fill with wonder
I’d want her lips to open just a little
I’d want her breasts to lift at my touch

And O I’d tell her that I loved her
I’d say that the world began and ended where she was
O I’d swear that the Beautiful wept to see her naked loveliness

I’d want her thighs to put birds in my fingers
I’d want her belly to be as soft and warm as a sleeping kitten’s
I’d want her sex to meet mine as flames kissing in a dream forest

And O I’d tell her that I loved her
I’d say that all the noblest things of earth and heaven
Were made more noble because she lived
And O I’d know that the prettiest angels knelt there
As she lay asleep in my arms

Pris said...

Steven..what a beautiful poem. So loving. I can only be grateful that I've known men in my past who, were they poets, COULD write these words. I have some poems in my repertoire written with them in mind. I'll have to find one and post it. Thanks for this one.

tammy said...

Wow! Love it! Love it! Love it!
And I finally figured out how to post links on my blog. So I hope you don't mind if I link to yours.

Pris said...

Hi Tammy
Thanks! By all means, links. I'll do the same with yours.

Pris said...

Hi again, Tammy
duhhhh...realized I'd already linked you:-)

mouse said...

I know you know that age changes everything, but isn't it a bitch!
Maybe I'm not too old to figure out the links thing, but I haven't got there yet. So I live with "Add to favourites" and you're one of them!

Pris said...

hi mouse
there's actually a blog help site. if you know any html, this link will tell you how to set up links;

And thanks for having me in your favs!!

mouse said...

Thanks Pris but the only thing I know about HTML is it means hyper text markup language and that's not saying much. I have checked that out in my templates and played with it and I get a link on my blog but when I click on it I get sent right back to my template. Thanks to favs I'm not going to spend too much time fretting over it. Stay well and happy!