Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Flash Poems

Three interesting approaches to multimedia poetry.

from The Iowa Review

Sexual poem in Beehive
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666poetry-finchnot said...

hi pris / interesting to follow the links of your web site


Although its name trivializes the illness as little more than mere tiredness, chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS), also known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), brings with it a constellation of debilitating symptoms.

CFIDS is characterized by incapacitating fatigue (experienced as profound exhaustion and extremely poor stamina) and problems with concentration and short-term memory. It is also accompanied by flu-like symptoms such as pain in the joints and muscles, unrefreshing sleep, tender lymph nodes, sore throat and headache. A distinctive characteristic of the illness is post-exertional malaise, a worsening of symptoms following physical or mental exertion occurring within 12-48 hours of the exertion and requiring an extended recovery period.

The symptoms of CFIDS are highly variable and fluctuate in severity, complicating treatment and the ill person’s ability to cope with the illness. Most symptoms are invisible, which makes it difficult for others to understand the vast array of debilitating symptoms with which people with the illness must contend.

Other Common Symptoms
Additional symptoms are frequently reported by people with CFIDS (PWCs) such as word-finding difficulties, inability to comprehend/retain what is read, inability to calculate numbers and impairment of speech and/or reasoning. PWCs may also have visual disturbances (blurring, sensitivity to light, eye pain, need for frequent prescription changes); psychological problems (depression, irritability, anxiety, panic attacks, personality changes, mood swings); chills and night sweats; shortness of breath; dizziness and balance problems; sensitivity to heat and/or cold; alcohol intolerance; irregular heartbeat; irritable bowel (abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, intestinal gas); low-grade fever or low body temperature; numbness, tingling and/or burning sensations in the face or extremities; dryness of the mouth and eyes (sicca syndrome); gynecological problems including PMS and endometriosis; chest pains; rashes; ringing in the ears (tinnitus); allergies and sensitivities to noise/sound, odors, chemicals and medications; weight changes without changes in diet; light-headedness; mental fogginess; fainting; muscle twitching; and seizures.

all this is me / almost every last one / sorry to spam you like this / but no one understands / what it's like


Pris said...

you have these symptoms, too? have you seen a good CFIDS doc?

666poetry-finchnot said...

it was only 2 years ago that i was diagnosted with fibromyalgia

i've been tired for years

i've tried diet / anti depressants
lots of pot

i think exercise is the best
but some days nothing works

yes i've been to the doc
i've lived with pain for 23 years

more & more the symptoms multiply

i wish i could wake up just one morning of my life & feel rested

lately the lack of circulation to
my feet and hands is getting worse

among other things //// my mantra:

keep moving through it / or die / lol


Pris said...

It's a rough illness. I don't think we ever get adapted to pain, dizziness, etc. 'One day at a time' is my mantra. I'm wishing the best for you.

Michael Parker said...

Reading through these symptoms makes me wonder if I have this, besides ankylosing spondylitis. Hmmmmmmm.......

Pris said...

Hi Michael,
Since we both started with ankylosing spondylitis, an illness that affects the immune system, it's worth looking into. When the symptoms are as more weighed in on the cogniive end, it's usually diagnosed primarily as CFIDS, the pain, more as FIBRO. There are sites that show the trigger points for FIBRO. The first time a doctor checked me for that I thought I'd go off the chair (I have both illnesses but the CFIDS is primary for me).

Sometimes a visitor will hug me hello and dig fingers directly into my back where the points are and...gads, do i scream or say, dear god, let this hug end soon:-) Now a flat palmed hug I love!!! (That's for all future huggers who might be reading this lol)

666poetry-finchnot said...

my first diagnosis was
"possible ank spondy"
for almost 20 years "that's what i
had" i prayed my back didn't fuse
keep moving

now / / i don't know / i guess i have
every thing & nothing

i always thot it was because they
didn't know what else to do with me
what else to call it

most lee i've been told it's in my head
now i don't share the pain unless i'm
completely not functioning /
how does one describe phantom pains
thunder bolts & lightening

the hard thing is people assume
i'm lazy because it takes me 12 hours+ of sleep to almost feel like i've slept 8 hours / /

any ways / yes / one day @ a time
i know that one well

take care pris


Pris said...

YOU take care!!