Monday, August 08, 2005

The Wait

Girl On The Shore by Munch
Courtesy of the old Art Magick site

(I'm reworking S1 and it's still not there, so you're seeing a poem in progress)

Tom Hanks finds Meg Ryan-
Empire State building

amd I think of when you said,
'we're magic', babe.
Billy Bob Thornton & Hallie Berrie-
sharing ice cream on the steps

and our old churn, stored in the cellar,
comes to mind.

Movies reel you back to me,
piece by piece. I close my eyes:
You/Richard Gere, kissing
me/Julia Robert appears.

You are the squeak in the leaf
I roll between my fingers each Spring,
the halo of light lingering when
I switch off my lamp, come midnight.
You are the sweat in my gown
and the silence between raindrops
on that beach where you stripped
off my suit and once took me, hard.

Any day now, you will surely
knock at my door and,
kissing my cupped hand,
say, she didn't matter, love;
she never mattered at all

Pris Campbell


tammy said...

Sometimes I live too much in the movies, or in a song. But it feels good to fantasize and romanticize. "I was always the best woman for him," I like to think. Yet another beautiful poem.

Pris said...

Yes, movies and music do give us an outlet and you know, sometimes we WERE the best one for him--he just was too dim to realize it.

keros said...

Hi Pris- I really like this- the third stanza being my favorite.

Also- The picture is wonderful- Artmagick was (and still is) my favorite website ever. While I hung out there, reading and answering questions about different artists and paintings, I learned a lot about the Pre-Raphaelite and Symbolist painters and their history. About their muses and inspirations... To the point that I can see a painting of the period and immediately recall who did it, who is in it, when where and why. My work is strongly influenced by Mucha, Rossetti, Millais, Delville, Duhrmer. I can go on forever.

I am happy to say that Art Magick is slowly being put back together. I believe there's still a working link to my site in the archives. I met some wonderful people there through out the years- Annie being one- who went by Stargazer.

Oh well, sorry for the rant. Some topics just carry me away-

Great Poem- DQ

Pris said...

hi diego
I can see I'm going to have to do some reworking esp of S1 of this one, and thanks.

I'm glad Art Magick is being put back together,too. It still doesn't have nearly what it used to have, but I copied a lot from the old site to my hard drive where I could enjoy it whenever I pleased. How I wish I could paint. I enjoy art so much.

You said you answered questions there. I didn't realize there was a posting board??

keros said...

Not exactly like an EZboard- more like one huge thread, people would post uestions about a specific painting and who ever knew the answer would post back. Not a lot of interaction, just a world of information.

Pris said...

I'm really sorry I missed that. Hope the new site does the same thing. I joined it, since that's required to be able to download (a certain number a day) and I just go ape with it. I like the download also because I can put the art into different folders and find my favs a lot easier.

I'll email you a couple I really like. I'm interested in how much our taste converges.

Michael Parker said...

This is an excellent poem. I too love how you integrate movie characters and situations. Yes, this is wonderful.

p.s. For Pris or Diego: I'm interested in learning more about this Art Magik site. Do you mind giving more details? Thanks in advance.

Pris said...

Hi Michael
Thanks..Google Art Magick and you'll find it. It's only a shell of what it used to be, but the site is rebuilding slowly. They used to have nearly every artist you could think of represented and I hope they're able to put more on.