Thursday, September 01, 2005


The Question

Remember when you asked me
the question-THAT question?
I do.

I was child, disguised as woman,
still gathering gold into red wagons.
By the time I turned back
to answer, you had gone.

Your footsteps sparked
through labrynthed streets,
then faded, traveling
places I could no longer follow.



Michael Parker said...

Nice poem, Pris. And a nice, reflective post.

Pris said...

Thanks, Michael,
There was an email on his site so I dropped him a line and was pleased to find a note back from him this morning. He's still a very nice man and told me that I was his first love. That's a nice position to hold in someone's life.

gingerivers said...

I love reading these posts, and following your journey. It's inspiring.



Pris said...

Thanks, Ginger
Finding that this man was still around and doing well was a special treat.

Michael Parker said...

Wow, what a reply! Very nice of him to respond.

erin said...

Seems that the thought of proposals is universal these days... Peter asked me last night!!!

Neat to see that your old flame is doing well, and I loved the poem.

Hugs, E

Pris said...

yes it was neat. I never knew I'd been someone's first love.

Congratulations!!!!! Have you set the date yet?

erin said...

January 7th... 2006... too soon?

Pris said...

Sounds like just enought time to plan everything perfectly! Besides, it'll be after the holiday rush.