Thursday, September 01, 2005

Missing Persons Site and Disaster Relief for Katrina

Sept 19:Washington Post Article about the ethics of looting in the aftermath, focusing on 'looting' ordered by the mayor to get fuel, a generator and a stove to help people.


NEW FROM GINGER (Sept Three). A general relief information site is HERE


JUST IN FROM GINGER: Click HERE for a listing of places to stay for victims of Hurricane Katrina! Pass the word along.

New!! September 3 Washington Post Article re New Orleans

New!! Read the Open Letter to George Bush from Michael Moore on the top righthand side of his main website.

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In Kim Komando's newsletter today, she provided links for disaster relief organizations needing donations to assist the victims of Katrina. She also has the link to a site that is beginning to list the names of people in that area who are trying to get word out that they're okay, as well as a list of names of people relatives and friends are looking for. Go to her webpage HERE.

***Countries all over the world are pouring in offers of help. So far, Bush hasn't accepted any offers. Why?????********



Michael Parker said...

Hi Pris, here is a link to an article that discusses the lack of global donations and assistance. (You will most likely need to watch and click through a short ad to read this.)

Pris said...

I'm going to turn this into a hot link on my post. I have to say I was outraged at parts of the article, esp the implication that we somehow brought this upon ourselves in one of the links. I'm not surprised that sympathy is out there in spades, but no support. It's easy to say 'That's too bad', much harder to do something concrete. Our country has its faults, but a lack of generosity isn't one of them!

gingerivers said...


I've been working on this issue for several days. There are a few more blogs that Kim needs to list,
CNN also has a list going. I'm emailing her the info.


Pris said...

I'm glad you're working on this! We all have to do our share right now, more so than usual.

Michael Parker said...

You're amazing, Pris! Thank you for your efforts. I do hope they pay off. I don't think people realize how much of a catastrophe this is-- not only in the human toll, the literal displacement of up to half of a million people, but also in the fact that a whole city may be lost to us.

Pris said...

I know, Michael..that's a scarey thought, but a real possibility. I only hope more people write pleas to other countries. Every bit will help.

Michael Parker said...

Hi Pris,
Here is the latest report from THe Washington Times pointing to help and aid being offered from Europe and Venezuela and from international aid organizations:

Pris said...

Thanks, Michael..I'll make that a hot link in the post, too!

Nina said...

I was browsing blogs when I came across yours. I think you are exactly right. We'll see if anyone come and help us in this time of need. Great idea about writing the Editor.

Pris said...

Hi Nina
I just posted about the political cartoons on your blog. They're right on.

I hope other countries come through , too. MP's second link in the post indicates they're waiting for our lead. That's a lot better news than the article in the first link.

Michael Parker said...

Pris, a very desparate situation is unfolding at the Superdome (convention center) this afternoon. Read the story here.

I'd like to know why no one is dropping food and supplies to the 25,000 people waiting here.

Pris said...

This article has me in tears! I don't know. What a horrible mess. I'd heard that some people had armed themselves and it sounds like the looters are shooting and preventing the very late help that's trying to arrive now.

A friend of mine just wrote. She's in Georgia but found a grandmother, her two grown children and spouses and their children in tents at the edge of their small town, refugees from this storm. She has a guest house across from her home and has them all in there now. We need more action for more people like that.

But God, that article. I'll add it to the hot links up top.


Geoff Sanderson said...

Pris - I've just accessed our governments official website for info on our offer of help. Tony Blair, or PM, spoke to President Bush on 1 September, offering any help that we can give. The Presidency of the European Union also made the same offer on behalf of Europe as a whole. As far as I can discover, the US hasn't yet asked for aid; we can't send it if they don't ask.

If Mr Bush would own up and say that his government couldn't cope, then more offers might be forthcoming. I don't think the USA needs money, but someone at the top who can 'kick some ass', as you would say there, and organise a proper relief effort. We here in England have been shocked at the scale of the disaster, and at the apparent lack of any swift reaction from your government. I wonder what the response would have been if this had happened in Manhatten?

Michael Parker said...

Geoff, your report rings true with what I read this morning in the report of Kofi Annan's address to the UN seeking assistance. IN the report titled "Annan urges help for generous US after Katrina," at Red Nova News, "...many governments and bodies like the European Union say there has not yet been any request for assistance and Bush has said America can take care of itself."

Thanks for sharing the perspective from England.

Pris said...

All of this only convinces me that Bush is even more of an idiot than I've thought he was already. And please, Bush lovers, don't email me. It's a democracy and that's how I feel about him. G, I just , as a matter of fact, finished a letter to the White House and one to my Florida Senator and used a similar analogy as you, ie wealthy residents down there =faster help. I have NO clue why our government is saying we need no help when clearly we need all of the help we can get.

Even Google, at least here, has a clickable link now to a direct line to the Red Cross for donations. Maybe we need to forget goverment and Bush and just start piling in individual donations with hopes it'll make a difference.

Octavia said...

Pris, huge kudos & hugs to you for writing those letters!

So hard to believe there hasn't been an internationl outpouring of relief - we've always been there for *them*. I heard somewhere that nations aren't helping because we haven't asked for help?? Rediculous! Since when should they sit around & wait to be asked?

I have mixed opinions on the looters. All that stuff is going to be trashed anyway when it comes time to rebuilding. Too many days without fast enough help, I think if they are looting only what they need to live, we shouldn't be wasting our precious manpower to stop them. I'm sure there are still people trapped & time running out - I'd rather they keep focusing on rescue, not worrying with looters.

Hon, I'm a repub, but actually I'm unhappy with Bush right now. Don't think he is doing enough to push sufficient relief effort, not to mention allowing oil companies to scalp all of us... After 911, I can't believe we weren't prepared for a catastrophy of this proportion.

Pris said...

Hi Octavia
It's a mess, all right. From what I read, Tony Blair has made specific offers to help, only asking Bush what we need and when, but Bush has either told him we don't need help or hasn't responded with specifics. Canada is mobilizing already with help. I don't know about other countries. And yes, especially after 9/11 we should've been more prepared. But...not!

chella said...


thanks for being such a solid information center during these terrible, terrible times.


Pris said...

You're welcome, Chella. Wish I didn't have this sort of information to relay, tho.