Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Frida Kahlo

I've done a previous post on self portraits, but found this one recently. It's outstanding. For those of you not familiar with Frida Kahlo, a bulk of her art was self-portraits, partially due to her illnesses during most of her life. She was a beautiful woman and courted by many men. She was also a determined and talented woman.
This portrait came from The Hammond Gallery, a site filled with art that can be purchased as posters or sent as e-cards. The title of this one is 'Diego on my Mind'.



Steven Moore said...

There's not many can claim to have bonked Leon Trotsky.

We're inundated with her at the moment. I think there's been a big retro of her work in London. There's certainly been plenty of documentaries on TV about her. I love that extreme Catholic/animistic culture where everything's symbolic and drips with significance.

Pris said...

You're funny:-) From what I read, she's bonked some of the most prominent around at the time lol.

A retro of her work. I've not read of one taking place here. I tend to believe, and could be wrong, that her work is better known outside of the U.S. If so, it's too bad. She's fascinating. I've also not seen any documentaries of her listed for the TV. I'd love to see one.

tammy said...

Hi Pris. (I've been so busy this last week and am trying to catch up on reading your blog). Have you seen the movie Frida? (the one starring Salma Hayek).

Pris said...

No, I'll have to see if Netflix carries it. Thanks for the tip.

Lee Herrick said...


We must be somehow linked at the brain/spirit. In the last few days I have been revising a poem I started a few months ago called "Another Dream About Frida." In the dream, she asks me my opinion about one of her paintings. The poem's a struggle. It led to a long poem called "Letters to Frida," which really hasn't worked out yet, either. Oh well. We'll see what happens.

We visited her home (The Blue House) in Mexico City about five years ago---a very memorable experience. In Antigua, Guatemala, one of the best restaurants in town is named for her.

I liked the movie that Tammy mentions. Salma Hayek's very good in it.


Pris said...

I'd love to see your poem if it works out.

I checked, and Netflix only carries a documentary about her, narrated by Rita Morena, so I did put that on my list, but not the movie. The rental places around here carry pretty much your best seller movies, so it looks like I would have to buy it online to see it. Since, as with all of us, budget determines so many choices, is this one worth buying to see??

Lee Herrick said...

Hmmm...that's weird. You'd think Netflix would have it. Hayek was nominated for an Oscar for her role, but maybe they just haven't added it yet.

As for buying it, that's a tough call. I don't buy too many DVDs, so I'm not the best person to ask. But it is a really good movie in my opinion. Movies about women like this unfortunately just don't get made enough.

Pris said...

Hi Lee
I'm going to see if there's a contact address for Netflix and suggest this movie, if so. I was surprised, too. They carry a huge number of films, including even the most esoteric independent and foreign made movies.