Friday, September 02, 2005

Elvis...before he was the Sequin King (I had to get my mind off the Katrina posts)

I found this clipping in my old album about Elvis' induction, the heartbreak of teenaged girls everywhere when that happened. In this newspaper photo (click to enlarge), you can see the soulful eyes and pouty lips that, along with his voice and hips, made him a legend. One thing I've never understood...why do all of the Elvis impersonators choose to imitate him when he was in his decline, his body puffed with drugs in those horrid rhinestone outfits and capes. That man wasn't the Elvis our hearts throbbed for on the Ed Sullivan show. He WAS an impersonation.
I took this photo of three of my friends, sprawled across my mother's bed, holding Elvis' first album. Believe it or not, I still have that album, though it's scratchy now and almost unplayable from all of the use it got at the time.

Another slice of life over the years...


jimfow said...

Heartbreak Hotel

She checked in to the Heartbreak
Hotel and never left. Her CDs
and albums spin far-away looks
and a low-throated hum of him.

He finally checked out, and I secretly
rejoiced. No more ball-bearing
white guy groove, petulant lips,
pomaded hair and needy eyes.

She still swoons and sighs, “Don’t
be cruel, and deny me this little
peccadillo. You’ll spoil the trip
to Memphis and Graceland,”

Well, I’ve already checked in with
the Dixie Chicks. Let the party begin.


Pris said...

oh GAWD!! This is a riot, even if it desecrates the memory of Elvis and for that..tsk tsk:-)

Hey, I like the Dixie Chicks, too.

Good to see you again!

tammy said...

I think it's easier for someone to impersonate the fat, ugly Elvis because NO ONE could ever look as sexy as the young Elvis.

I LOVE Jim's poem above!

Thanks for the distraction from Katrina.

Pris said...

Hi Tammy
You're right. People tend to put down Elvis as a brainless no-talent too many times, but he had the looks, the voice, and the sense to go his own way in the musical field and make it big. No, impersonators couldn't imitate that.

Slight Clutter said...

I love Elvis. I think he had a big voice and very memorable songs.

By the way, the photo is a real smile-inducer. :)

Pris said...

I know. I can't believe I still had that clipping stuck in my album from those years.