Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Letters Not Sent

From today's online Washington Post, the outcome of the trial of one of the abusers of Iraqi prisoners that was in the news two years ago. She was photographed holding a leash bound around the neck of a naked Iraqi prisoner. Yes, atrocities go on in war, but war IS an atrocity. We don't need to add to it.

Here is a further account in the Sept 28 online Washington Post

My other opinion?? The officers who sent untrained young servicemen and women, rather than trained interrogators, to gather information should receive the same sentencing, if not more.

Below is a poem I wrote about the sexual degradation/abuse when I first read about it.

Letters Not Sent

There were ten of them,
skin the color of desert dust.
We culled them from cells
the size of barbwired closets
into that courtyard where
we laughed , watched
them strip, toss off torn rags-
discarded cloth fluttering
like yesterday's butterflies, made
them spread their cheeks wide, enter
the next man down the line,
made our own chain of daisies
like the ones made in childhood,
took photos not attached to letters
or sent (Son, I'm so proud),
knew we were showing
those terrorists who was
boss and serving our
country too, but oh mom,
I still smell their fear and
their sex on my hands.
It's been weeks now.

Pris Campbell


Michael Parker said...

This is excellent, Pris. Disturbing, gut-wrenchingly so. Great write.

tammy said...

I agree with Michael's comment. This is a powerful poem. And the ending lines: "I still smell their fear and their sex on my hands" -- wow. what a punch. I love this.

Pris said...

Thanks, both of you.

Coloratura said...

nice ending, very nice

Pris said...

Thanks...I just visited your blog, too. Am adding you to my links.