Friday, January 13, 2006

Who do YOU look like?

I found this Face Recognition Program on Jennifer's site (jennijack in my right side links). This is one of the choices that came up.

(click to enlarge)

The funny thing was that when I was MUCH younger and sailing in Martha's Vineyard, the members of a band playing at a place where we'd anchored and walked in to eat thought I WAS Joni Mitchell, come to give them their big break. God, I hated to see the disappointment in their faces when I told them 'not'. My hair was longer then and bleached lighter by the sun, my figure much like hers, and my cheekbone/eye area. Seeing the utter awe in this guy's eyes, it gave me a taste of what celebrities must feel like much of the time. Like you weren't of this world somehow. Someone not to be seen as you really were, clay feet and all. An uncomfortable feeling, really.

Oh, I'm growing my bangs out and they're driving me NUTS!


J.B. Rowell said...

Hi "Joni" - I tried the face recognition program and apparently my face is un-matchable. :(

I'm one of a kind! :)


Michelle e o said...

Mine said Ava Gardner? So I did a different one and it said Patricia Arquette, then I realized it was matching my hair style in each! It was funny, I wish I would have thought to do the screen capture like you did.

That Ava chick was beautiful though, wish I had her lips. Not now though.

Michael Parker said...

Well Hello Pris! I think you look just like Joni Mitchell. That is a great match up. My match up is Tony Blair. Go figure.

Ellen M Johns said...

Tony Blair!!!!

I daren't go on this Pris but I know a girl who probably will and is hopefully on that boneshaker bus home.

Pris said...

Yes, this is a strange program:-) I did it with a photo almost like this one, but right after a haircut when he'd taken it back about two inches shorter and one of my matches was Martin Scorcese! Go figure. I have NO eyebrows and that man has enough to share with half of South Florida.

Michelle...I don't know if you've ever seen any old Ava Gardner movies so that you saw her in motion, but there is a resenblence in your facial lines and mouth to her in the photos I've seen of you, just not in your coloring. That was a fun match. Yes, she was beautiful for sure, and so are you!

Now, for my two Tony Blairs. What can I say?? lol.

And B is on her way home! I'd lost count and couldn't remember what day. Thanks.

Pris said...

P.S. Julia..forgot to add to're probably lucky they didn't match you given the Tony Blair and Scorcese matches:-) But now you have proof that you're one of a kind, should anybody ask.

didi said...

I tried that program and my face is not recognizable.

Yesterday I was watching the Beauty and the Beast and I came to revelation that I once was a beauty and now I am a geek.

Imagine that.

I guess that means that I found myself????


didi said...

I meant the beauty and the geek.

I am also losing my mind.


Pris said...

hi d
how about you being a beautiful geek??

i'm a geek, too, but not beautiful:-)


Michelle e o said...

I think you're beautiful. Matter of fact I started drawing you last night. I also did didi. I normally paint in oil but bought some chalk pastels and have been practicing doing portraits from pictures. I need to work on perspective but I really enjoy it. Someday I promise you'll even be able to recognize who is in the portrait without me telling you!

Pris said...

How did I not know you were an artist?? If you ever complete that one of me, and didi, too, I'd love to see a shot of it. How neat!

Shane said...


I was sooo excited after doing this, I jumped up and down on my couch.

I guess you can figure out who my celebrity was eh?



Pris said...

Jumping up and down?? Oh my. You've got me. I know it wasn't a bunny rabbit. No, they hop.:-)

Octavia said...

Oh, my yes - you do resemble Joni Mitchell!!

I finally decided to try this & had a great time! Thanks so much for suggesting it!

Pris said...

Hi Octavia
You DO look like Merlye Streep in the photo. I never knew you had a blog!

Octavia said...

LOL, ya, I have a blog but no longer remember why I even started it because I rarely blog anything. I'm wanting to do better with it this year though. I think it would be handy for some healthy stress relief.