Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ribbons....a haiga (click to enlarge)

Published in Simply Haiku 2005
(photo is of my mother and aunt. Mother is the blonde)


Geoff Sanderson said...

I saw the family resemblance - but thought the blonde was you when you were 25:-)

Joking aside - lovely nostalgic photo and ku; I think I missed this one at HH. Stay good. G.

Eric said...


Pris said...

Thanks, both of you (and for the family comment, too, g:-). This was one of a series of vintage haiga in the issue, along with a short essay Jerry asked me to write about what prompted me to do them. I can't remember now, but am pretty sure it was the Spring issue. If not that, the summer.

and Eric, I just posted to you. Am adding you to my links. Some fantastic haiga on your site!

Ellen M Johns said...

I love the little touch of pink in this.

Lovely all round.

Pris said...

Thanks, Ellen!

tom said...

excellent, pris

my daughter is in an mfa program and is a class on form in poetry - the teacher has them writing 5/7/5 haiku - she knows better, but will play the game

i need to introduce her to haiga as she paints and does photography also -

she'll enjoy your work as well as others

tom (looking forward to our heatwave tomorrow - 40!)

Pris said...

Hi Tom
It's amazing to me that a teacher in a MFA program knows that little about haiku, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It's not a form that attracts a lot of attention but clearly the teacher hasn't read Issa or Basho or any of the masters.

Do encourage your daughter to combine her skills. My vintage haiga are unuusual for the form, but if you introduce her to two journals, Simple Haiku and Haiga Online, she'll see some amazing examples and it may grab her interest. I've published in both and count myself fortunate.

tom said...

i've sent her the url for simply haiku and suggested that she submit there and to modern haiku - i will forward the imfo on haiga online and i want her to look at the haibun magazine too. my son also occasionally writes haigu and has a few published at tmpoetry.com. I must have done something right as a parent. lol

Pris said...

Sounds as if you did a LOT right as a parent:-) I've written a couple of haibun. That's another interesting form, too.

I see you have your journal on a blog now. I'm also glad you're working on that again, too. You had quality work in the ones you've put out.

ardi k said...

Beautiful. Time is rich with waiting. You touch it nicely.

Pris said...

Thank you. I'll pay you a return visit. Am due somewhere now, and can't.