Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Poetry of Scott Wannberg

Someone posted one of his poems on MySpace and his use of words, plus the way his mind works a poem entranced me. A Google search found these five posted in Thunder Sandwich and other links. Well worth a read!

This is the beginning of the first poem in the journal...

Agony River

Temperature has a headache
swears it won't rise to your occasion
Speeding patrol cars out of fashion
find enough time to spotlight your cold skin
Agony River just called collect
promises to flow to the front door in a few hours
Strange faces from the ongoing confusion
only make the decision that much harder
Pull the plug or mop up the bleeding deck one last time
in hope it will never show up again

Well, I'm off to the immunologist today (Wednesday).



Michael Parker said...

I love this! "the bleeding deck"! Amazing. Thanks for this.

Pris said...

Isn't that fantastic??

back from doc and crashing!

Michelle e o said...

Excellent writer. Hope all you appts went well.

You nearly gave me a panic attack by post dating that post. Wed is my payroll day and when I saw the date on the top last night I was like Oh my god I didn't do paychecks today!

A split second scare. Woke me right up. =)

Pris said...

oh my lol...I often post the next day's at the end of the day because of the time change overseas. You didn't forget your payroll checks. Promise:-)