Sunday, January 29, 2006

On the seventh day...

I'm taking a break, too. The morning started with my third computer crash in eight days. I get the message back from microsoft that I have a driver problem. Which one? They don't know. The frustrating part is that my tech friend, Lloyd, replaced my main hard drive, did a clean install of my operating system, including bringing it up to date and updating all drivers, right after the drive failed late fall. After the tedious work of reinstalling my programs and data, the computer has been singing like a happy bird until a week ago. Now IE just crashed while doing this. My last computer had a witch living in it. Everybody on the Windows Forum agreed with that diagnosis when I had problem after problem. I hope she hasn't come back to life!:)

So, today why not check out my blog at MySpace? My main blog remains here but I post occasionally there. MySpace is an interesting site with its music, bulletins and messaging system. Worth a peek. I recently read in Newsweek that MySpace now receives more hits per day than google, which is mind boggling. Turn up your sound. You can change music on your profile by going to the music link and searching. Sometimes, if you're lucky, an artist is offering a few song download. That's a nice feature. I created the background on my profile page from an shot over at the ocean. It's restful to look at when I go there.

Let me know what you think.

And have a good Sunday!



Octavia said...

Arg - I hate having puter problems!! Sounds like yours either has poltergeists or CFS. Hope it gets well soon:)

Ah, I heard about myspace being really hot from my son a few months back. I've toured it just a little. Nice place since you can have a blog, music, etc all in one spot.

Pris said...

I still go with the visiting witch theory, but Lloyd is an exocist. We'll get rid of her this time.

And MySpace CAN get busy and crazy, too. That's why I keep my daily blog here and post just poems as they come up on there.

Michael Parker said...

I like your home page in MySpace. But this here, this seems like your true home. : )

mouse said...

As if it's not enough for you to have CFIDs but your computer has to put a drag on you too! It is a good thing you have a local exorcist. The place you call myspace is very restful! I like the music currently playing. Sort of like bagpipes gone mellow. Make's me want to go visit the Outer Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland.

Pris said...

Hi Michael
Yes, this is where I post where I want and it really is my home. MySpace is my vacation place:-)

Look up more of Loreen McKennitt's songs. She has many haunting and lovely melodies.

Ellen M Johns said...

Techy problems left, right and centre Pris. I had a new printer/scanner from Santa for being a good girl, and only printed one document before it started making a horrendous noise as if it was about to explode.I have only just got a replacement, four weeks later as the one I had was out of stock at Epson!!!
Now that's sorted I am having problems accessing Microsoft Office etc. There is always something in the p.c. world.
My techy wizard friends hide now when they see me coming. Great.

Pris said...

I keep thinking cars don't break down this often till they're ancient, TVs don't, steros don't, cd players don't. Why computers? They have something wrong all the time if you use them much at all.

Ellen M Johns said...

I wholeheartedly agree.