Saturday, January 07, 2006

MiPo is out!

Another good issue! But isn't it always?

MIPO Volume 20 Issue 1
Click on 'contents' above the cover photo to get to the menu.

(You'll find me under Best of cafecafe 2005)

And hey, in this morning's email Niederngasse is out, too.

Bookmark them and take your time. Two great journals with a lot of things you'll want to read packed into them!



Geoff Sanderson said...

Thanks for the link P - I enjoyed my first visit to Mypo (I've lead a sheltered life). Trouble is, it took me several hours to get past all those photographs of the delicious Jillian Anne and her pouty lips:-). I found and read all the cafecafe poems with interest (yours was the best, of course!)

Pris said...

I know it was torture to look at those photos, G :-) Next time, just click contents waaaaay at the top and you'll go right to the index. Not, of course, that you'll take that route lol.

And aren't your prejudices for me wonderful???

Read Michael Parker's article about the movie Yes. I tried it but couldn't understand the words with my bite sized hearing loss in the vowel range and no English subtitles, so I've ordered the screenplay from Amazon for eleven dollars to read and then I'll try renting it again, knowing what I'm hearing. The entire movie is in verse...iambic pentameter, but done in such a way that it's not obvious, in the little that I could hear.

Back off. I'm eating pudding ,watching a movie, and pampering myself after the big temp cap fall off! Thanks god my dentist was in today.

Geoff Sanderson said...

Yes, it was pure hell having to get past all those images (I'm beginning to suspect that I'm seriously fixated on sexy girls - what do you think?).

You pamper yourself gal - you're overdue a lot of pampering - and keep on soft food and a liquid diet. Hope the crown is finished soon. Hugs from us both.

Pris said...

yes, i'm having purreed for dinner. Enough is enough...for both of us.