Tuesday, January 10, 2006


This is a javascript presentation of one of my poems that I created a couple of years ago. Go to my website to see/read Denial. It's on an endless loop, so just stop it when the poem is over closing it out (I haven't found the code to run it just one time). No, I'm by no means an expert at java script poetry renditions, but it was fun doing. There's sound, btw, so turn on your speakers.

The art is by Itzack ben-ariel and is used on the regular non-java version on my website, too, with his permission. Iztack is an Israeli photographer whom I admire greatly. His work is also on the homepage of my site (with his permission) and on several pages throughout.

Denial was published in Verse Libre in 2003 and was chosen second out of 147 poems in the 2003 Free Verse Competion sponsored by Poets of the Palm Beaches, open to any full or part time residents of the county.


Michelle e o said...

Blogspots being funny for me. I already posted a comment but it gave me an error. Anyway -this is stunning Pris. I love poetry in motion like this. This was a perfect poem to do that with and it was very moving. Excellent!

Pris said...

Hi Michelle
Thanks! I think the site was having trouble earlier. I had problems getting on for a while.