Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Today's dental day, but a quick post...

Kim Komando's 'Site of the Day' newsletters comes up with some interesting places. I couldn't resist sharing 'find my cover'. It searches for album or CD art. Try typing in Gold Rush or Tea for the Tillerman for example. Some of those covers are classics.

Wish me luck today!



Rae Pater said...

Luck to you!

Some happy thoughts to share with you

turkish delight mmmm

soft fluffy purring cat to cuddle

sweet soft kiss from your favourite fantasy romantic partner lol

bright multi-coloured parrots flitting through lush greenery

sitting in warm sand watching the sun set bloom pansies and marigolds across the sky

a clean swimming pool waiting just for you on a hot hot morning

an apple and a good book out in the park

chocolate a warm fire and a good movie on a rainy night.

mouse said...

Have a happy day with nothing to exude an allergy.

Pris said...

thanks, both of you. the crown went in okay, but holding it in place by clenching my jaw to cement down properly with a sore tmj really flared it. Rae, i'll have to make that apple pureed:-)

Ellen M Johns said...

Sighs of relief for you from a damp corner of Wales. You are two steps ahead of me Pris...well done to you. Had a call from my dentist today and he is off sick with a bad shoulder! Must be all that heaving and pulling he does pulling teeth. So my two crumbling relics will have to wait to be pulled...and the 3 front fillings and a root canal. The list has grown!!!

Pris said...

oh ellen. i can empathize. it's taken me two years to get where i am now with my own teeth. three pulled (two were abcessed and back teeth so no hope of opening enough for root canals there), two root canals done on teeth further to the front. this crown today and my jaws are so bad I can't move them right now from it. now down to replacing a front cap with root canal involved, but it's not urgent and one small cavity. it's been a sucky two years.

Pris said...

oh, i forgot to mention the 13 cavities i had to have drilled. ohhhh.