Thursday, January 26, 2006

It's Political Humor Time...

..with Jay Leno and other late night friends brought to you by! Enjoy.

I need a break. During the hurricane that hit this last summer, the front door blew open and now doesn't always close properly. The dog discovered this fascinating fact in short order by butting his head against it to test it. My husband came home late yesterday to find a neighbor running out to meet him to say that he found our dog wandering the neighborhood and our front door wide open. He knocked, got no answer, then stuck the dog inside and closed the door. I never knew a thing. Had my headset on listening to music. (Now THAT part's Michael Parker's fault for sending me music I couldn't turn off...hear that Michael?? No, don't stop. Don't stop!). At any rate, I was lucky. The dog was saved. No burglar walked into the house. A swarm of wasps didn't decide to come in and make a nest. It all worked out okay and I got to listen to enjoyable music without being mugged, stung or finding myself dogless.

And how was YOUR day??



Michael Parker said...

I've quickly learned everything is my fault so yes, this was my fault. :)

Pris said...

Hi Michael
I won't be responsible for trying to change your world view of yourself, so yes, it's ALL your fault. Everything... lol

Geoff Sanderson said...

You're a hard woman, P Campbell - always badgering some poor man or other! Now why don't you leave the others alone, and restrict yourself to me? It would give them all a rest - and I can take it, as I've been badgered by experts :-)

Pris said...

I can badger you both. I'm tough!!! (and you best not forget it)

tom said...

badger? i thought it was a dog.

here it was bright sun on snow -

kinda nice

even the dogs seemed to enjoy the sunlight -

Pris said...