Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tooth day

Part of a back tooth crumbled off out of the blue yesterday. The deadening shots turn me into a blithering fool and I'm already one coming off of the last antibiotic binge as of last night, so I'll be a double blithering fool.

Back on Thursday if I survive the chair.

At least I have a dentist who's good. I like her. That helps. A little. A tiny bit. Some. Kinda. I'm a chicken when it comes to the drill!!!!!

LITTLE HOUSE OF HORRORS REDUX~ Keep Steve Martin away from me.

EDIT: Was there three hours with the drilling , etc. The shots never deaden me enough so the drilling was hell when it got deep, but she had to shape it and finally we were to the part of making an impression of the tooth remaining. Have a temp crown on now. Go back in two weeks for the permanent one. Also have a headache and feel pretty lousy. I've been sleeping for the last two hours. Gonna lie back down. I don't think anybody's reading my blog today, anyway. Babble babble, she added.


Ellen M Johns said...

Poor you. I too have an appointment looming next week Pris. I am having 2 extractions and several other invasive procedures and finally a fitting for upper dentures. Oh no! The moment has come. I have been dreading it for years. I am going to have to pay in monthly installments as they are very expensive!!!
As usual I will have no local anaesthetic as it makes me ill and will have to over-ride the pain. I'm sure my dentist cringes when he sees me arrive.
As for poems...I have one I wrote after a rather gruelling dentist appointment that lasted over an hour!!!!
Not sure whether to post it here or not!!!Might put people off their food.

Pris said...

Hi Ellen
Post it. I'll wait to read it after my appointment. They've not yet found someone to trade times so not sure now if it'll be today or tomorrow.

You have reactions to those shots, too? I have so many deep ones that those I've just chosen to deal with the med reaction rather than the pain in the past, but with more shallow ones I just keep telling myself it'll all be over in a couple of minutes and deal with the pain as best as I can, to avoid the shot. What a bind, eh?

Don't think I could have an extraction without one, though. I had to have two abcessed teeth pulled because they were in the back and my tmj didn't allow for even thinking root canal. No bridge there for me yet, either. Same reason. Money.

Good luck on your visit next week. You know I identify!

Ellen M Johns said...

The feeling I get after one of those local anaesthetics is awful...and it lasts for days! I also feel like I am going to choke so have had 8 emergency extractions with nothing. I once asked for something to bite on until I realised I had to keep my jaws prised open.Ha ha.

A dentist once said to me that he felt like "Conan the Barbarian" and made me sign something before pulling a tooth.

I come out white and trembling but without that horrible numbness and disgusting taste.I'm sure it is diluted battery acid!

Good luck with the crown Pris.
My appointment is on the 10th January.

Pris said...

Hi Ellen
I know.I have the surreal out of it feeling for at least two days after the shots and a headache, which I'm now going through. Yesterday afternoon and last night were the pits. Barely slept. My jaw is locked down so tight now from this being a back tooth and having tmj that all I can do is mouth in things like smashed up tuna or egg salad. Fun, isn't it?? I'll be thinking about you. Maybe future generations of dentists will find a way to do this easier.

Ellen M Johns said...

Thanks Pris. I am frantically saving up for the dentures now!!!

Pris said...

They're expensive here, too. I may never get them for two of my back teeth. still have work in the front to go and would rather have that when I can afford.

mouse said...

I did the dentist thing myself a few months ago. 4 crowns and numerous fillings. My previous visit to a dentist had been 20 years prior. That's how much I dislike the process. I like to remember Peter Sellers pretending to be the dentist in one of the Clouseau movies. He's into the laughing gas and it is so funny. The laughing gas thing is my husbands prerequisite for choosing a dentist. I might have a reaction to that local also. My lungs would fill up and I would have to cough. The dentist would peer down into my throat and say there's is nothing there so I shouldn't have to cough. When I managed to come up for air I explained that it was wheezing in my lungs that was making me cough.

Pris said...

More people than we realize have a reaction to those shots! I used laughing gas when I had to have two abscessed back teeth extracted, but it made me so dopey that I'm not sure I like that option, either. And I hate going to the dentist, too, even despite having a great one.