Sunday, February 05, 2006

Watching the Superbowl today??

Kim Komando says that some of the best ads of the year are run during Superbowl coverage and creative ads can be fun. Who'll ever forget the alka seltzer jiggling tummy's commercial, or the Pillsberry dough boy? This Kim Komando Recommended Site gives you a choice to see some of the more interesting commercials, as well as a few that were banned.

Now, go to the bathroom. Get that beer during break. You won't miss a thing:-)

I watched a few of these and I NEVER watch commercials, but these, I admit, really were pretty interesting.



J.B. Rowell said...

Yes, I'm watching the Super Bowl (my only footbal watching experience of the year) and the commericials are always my focus - although they have been quite lame in recent years. Tonight, I laughed out loud at the Burger King Whopperettes and the streaker sheep.


Pris said...

I'll have to see if those are on this site!!:-)