Monday, February 27, 2006

..and some fun from Kim Komando

Kim says her five year old can do this, but I had a struggle at first. You'll find a short ad at the beginning but then the site begins automatically. It IS fun. Here's Kim's letter:

Today’s Cool Site takes an innovative look at music. It shows you that you can find music anywhere you look – er, listen. In this animated movie, you start by walking around a city. You'll encounter people working, singing and going about daily life.

The noises you hear can all be recorded. Simply click to record a sound. When you're done recording, it's time to hit the studio. In the studio, you can mix the sounds together, creating your own music. This site is great for kids – my five-year-old, Ian, loves it. And so do I!

Note: You need the free Shockwave player to use today's Cool Site. If you don't have it, you'll be prompted to download it.

An ad will run briefly and end on its own, then the site will begin. I DO hate ads, but no way to avoid this one.

See it at this Kim Komando appproved site.


erin said...

Is the link broken? I only got ads... and a "site not found" notice. I will look at Kim's site, but you might want to check your post.

Pris said...

This is strange. I got a 'couldn't be found' either, opened the site from the letter one more time, reposted the link which is the same as before and this time it plays. I'll check it again in a little bit to make sure it's still clicking fine. Thanks for letting me know.

erin said...

I got it to work... Is there any way that we could post the results and see what people come up with? I am really excited to see what Peter does with it. He records for a living! Thanks for checking it... this is fun.

Pris said...

Hi Erin
I have no idea, but that's a great idea. I can't check right now, but if you can, try one and see if the URL changes up top when you do the 'song'. If it does, try that URL in your browser and see if it saved your result. That WOULD be fun. Or maybe Peter might know how to save it?

erin said...

Peter didn't know either... but America Jane had a mix that was so good that she almost made it to "lovin it!" Peter, with all his mixing skills, couldn't make it go that far, and kept telling her to take out things that made the "crowd" go crazy... go figure. Thanks again for sharing it!

Pris said...

Whew...I envy her talents. Peter's too!!!!