Thursday, February 23, 2006

First Night

The night after that first
hurricane we walked into
yards stacked with lost
trees, wood fences, roof
shingles and somebody's
old lawn chair and it was
dark, so very dark, like
a plug had been pulled
on South Florida and it was
the First Night all over again
before Eve gave Adam the
apple and so black I could see
the Milky Way, the Dipper,
and the Man In the Moon's
grin and so quiet, like Nature was
humming Hosana in the Highest,
and I was part of the chosen choir.

Pris Campbell


Michael Parker said...


Pris said...

Michael, thanks from the bleary one. I was lying there out of it and suddenly this poem came and now I'm on to sign off and go to bed. Oh my. I appreciate your comment.

Lee Herrick said...

Oooohh, I like this, Pris. What a great turn midway through...powerful (it gains velocity) through the second half.

Nea said...

Not a whole lot of fun, was it. Louisiana also....

Someone tagged me, and I have to pass it on to seven people, I don't know seven people.....It is a music thing......participate if you want, and if not, don't feel obligated. I am just doing my part

You've been tagged...... check my blog for details.

Pris said...

Thanks. Your comment meant a whole lot.
I didn't even know you had a blog. I'll see what's involved but am pretty sick. Up and down all night with sweats.

Geoff Sanderson said...

Another great poem Pris - and you languishing on your bed of pain, too! I've been too busy to visit here, but got withdrawal symptoms and just had to have my fix of 'Pris' - and they can't arrest you for it. Yet.

Pris said...

Hi g
thanks! When you get your fix, just don't take in any of the cold bugs!!!

Shane said...

enjoy the silence

Pris said...

you don't realize the noise or the light pollution till it's gone!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

It seems like yesterday! I remember watching it on tv, feeling sick -- within days, groups of people stragled in from south - not good memories --

Pris said...

I bad as it was here in South Florida, we have bit of survivor guilt here. It was like third world and it was tough, but we weren't flooded. Homes night have lost roofs, but only a few were destroyed. I still think of the people in the Gulf and what they're STILL going through. We still see some signs down here, unrepairable mobile homes, gaps where huge tress were and tarped roofs where the owner can't afford a repair but, otherwise, things are pretty much back to normal.