Monday, February 13, 2006

Twenty-fifth Anniversary Time

And...shame on me for losing track of time. Remembered just now that today is that day. Still too dizzy/weak from the cold to do anything special. Think chicken soup would make a nice anniversary meal?? This is our wedding photo. Click to enlarge.

my cat
crouched, with bird in her mouth
wedding gift

(My cat did leave a multicolored bird on the doorstep the morning after our wedding. I've never seen a bird of that many colors before or since, nor had I ever seen my cat kill a bird)



mouse said...

Happy anniversity! You guys look marvellous. Ain't love grand?

Pris said...

Hi mouse
thanks. as far as love goes, i think the jury's still out on that one lol

erin said...

I hope that I am that happy at my wedding... you are beautiful my dear.


Pris said...

Hi Erin
Thanks, and you will be! The biggest wish, of course, is that the feelings last.

erin said...

I don't see that as a problem. But that is only because I am as sure of Peter being the "one" for me as I was that I was supposed to not give my daughter up for adoption nine years ago. This is only the second time in my life that I have been so certain about something being right!

tom said...

this makes a nice haibun

happy anniversary

we have our 28th in two weeks
and hope to meet somewhere between
where we work (about 400 miles apart)

enjoy the day

Pris said...

Hi Erin
I didn't mean my comment to be discouraging at all...just a good wish, that's all. When two people want a marriage to work, it will. It's when one stops trying that the trouble begins.

Ellen M Johns said...

This is great, and that hat is something else!
I remember my mum having one similar when I was small and I used to "borrow" it and pretend I was in the "New Seekers" singing...."I'd like to teach the world to sing"...eeek.
Quite a tale, about the little bird!

Pris said...

Tom, you're right. I may fiddle with it without photo and make a haibun out of it. So you have a long distance marriage? Four hundred miles is a looong way. Happy upcoming twenty-eighth!!

You would be adorable playing in such a hat:-)

texas haijin said...


tom said...

why not keep the photo with the haibun
i don't think the haibun goddess will be too upset

Pris said...

dustin...thanks, and welcome.

tom, you make me smile;-) I'll keep the photo with it.

Lee Herrick said...

happy 25th anniversary!!

Pris said...

Thanks, Lee..good to see you again!

Shane said...

wow, congratulations. blessings

Berenice said...

Congratulations Pris!!

Pris said...

Thanks, both of you. I just thought. One more year and it would be like a Marathon;-)

Geoff Sanderson said...

My, that hat is really something! And if a man wore a suit like that in England, he would be arrested :-)

Pris said...

He got that suit before we married. Yes, isn't it awful?? It even had bell bottom legs. My mother bought him two very nice suits the first year we were married 'for Christmas' lol. He still wouldn't part with that one till he wore it to a wedding two years later and found out later people were making cracks about it. Finally got him to throw it away then:-)

Between mother and me, we completely over time refurbished his wardrobe. Got rid of the pants that rode above his ankles and the old seventies shirts his sister had passed to him from a boyfriend when they were Waaay out of style.