Friday, February 17, 2006

Lummox Journal is saying goodbye...

Edited by RD Armstrong, known as 'Raindog', the current issue of Lummox Journal just arrived in today's mail. It begins:

Winter Tale

'A fallen leaf does not hate the wind'
--from The Blind Swordsman in samuri movie

I keep telling myself that it's
The natural order
To every season, etc.
But try as I might
There's no reversing this tide
No pretending this isn't real
No waking from a bad dream
Breathing short apprehensive breaths

Everything's measured in half steps now

--RD Armstrong

As so with this poem, written shortly before his 55th birthday, Raindog announces that this will be the last year for Lummox, an print journal I've not long been a subscriber to, but love. Raindog is a wild card, a man who says what he thinks and dares to print it. From interviews to wild art to letter to the editor to musings, this is a journal I feel sad to say goodbye to.

Thanks, Raindog, for hanging yourself out there for all of us for so long.



tom said...

sorry to hear that - lummox has
been a good magazine and he has
published many fine chapbooks

Pris said...

Hi Tom
He says in the editorial that he still intends to pursue his books, poetry, that sort of thing. I hope so.