Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Niederngasse Journal...the February erotic supplement is out!

The supplement, edited by Arlene Ang,the Italian editor of Niederngasse and a very fine poet, was announced in my morning mail. My bleary, cold-ridden eyes are barely open yet, but glancing through the issue, it looks to be a good one. Go HERE to read the issue.

Pasquale Capocasa, a self-proclaimed hedonist, according to an interview I read with him some time ago, is primary editor for Niederngasse, so this supplement doesn't come as a surprise.

Erotic/sensual poems are difficult to write well. I've written some, myself. Discarded many. Kept some. Published some of them. Most notably in the regular issue of Niederngasse, Erosha, and Mind Caviar. Everyone has his/her own opinion about erotic poems. What crosses the line into a turn-off poem for some is a work of beauty for another set of eyes. However you feel about it, the erotic poem has been in existance for centuries and will be for the foreseeable future.



tom said...

i'll be checking this out.

i have a backlog of erotic poems that i need to edit and get out and i need to email donna at erosha. too long since we spoke. seems that this theme has come up on a number of places i visit - probably a message there

thanks for the reminder

Pris said...

Hi Tom
I didn't realize you wrote erotic poems. I've never seen any of them. Tell me sometime where I could read. When I know somebody is a fine poet I like to see how he/she handles the topic and you're an excellent poet.