Monday, February 06, 2006

Chicken Soup

I had chills all night. That, plus a two day sore throat and feeling lousy yesterday is finally leading me to reluctantly believe I've caught something. I'm still waiting for one last photo for the surprise graphic for the winners of the 'guess the blogger' post further down and was planning to post it later today. We'll see. Right now I just feel like climbing back under the covers and dreaming of chicken soup. The worst of it is that a close friend of 25 years who's moved away from this area is driving through town today and plans to stop for lunch. Since chemo she's very vulnerable to catching things, so if this IS something, I don't want to espose her. I'm hoping I feel miraculously better before mid-day. I HAVE to. I really want to see her...if I can keep my eyes open!!



Geoff Sanderson said...

Well, did you get miraculously better? And did you see her? It's sad to miss a friend whom you rarely see!

Pris said...

she came, and I really was glad even though my head was so out of it I couldn't enjoy it as I would have. I'm better today, but still down with it. How's Jill??