Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Closet Geek

Well, after two days of trying all of my tricks to retrieve my sound after a driver update crashed my sound and froze any program using music, not to mention a few on the side, too, I figured out the solution several clicks deep into the control panel. Five minutes later, I got a note from my swamped dear tech bud suggesting trying that solution, too. I love to solve problems, esp computer problems. The intermittent crashes are still beyond my skill level, though, so he'll help me with that this weekend. Can you see me patting myself on the back???

Doc appointment this morning, so you'll just have to do with my bragging in this post:-)



J. Andrew Lockhart said...

you're smarter than I am -- :)

666poetry-finchnot said...

hi pris / just stopping in
to see how you are


Pris said...

Thanks both of you for stopping by. And Andrew, I guess I'm getting better at this but what took me two days to figure out, my tech friend could figure in about five minutes:)

Michael Parker said...

Sign her up for an IT job! Good troubleshooting skills, Pris!

Shane said...

yikes, no tech job for me.

Pris said...'d do fine!

michael, guess i've always loved learning how things work. i learned a lot on the Windows Forum, including where I draw the line re where I venture. I don't post much there now, but they still know me when I DO go back :-)

I had tried everything on that particular driver problem until finally I found the option 'rollback'. No, it's not obvious. It's truly several layers deep into the Systems section of the Control Panel. I have friends who won't even look at their hard drive using Windows Explorer, though. I have trouble understanding not wanting to know that basic of a skill since it's so necessary.

Brian Campbell said...

Yes, fun, if you've always thought of yourself as a computer klutz (I'm speaking for myself here). I too have an intermittent crash problem (intermittent is in some ways the worst, because the cause is hardest to isolate), and according to my techie, it seems to be a sequencing incompatibility involving one of four components: video card, memory, CPU I think or drivers for Windows. Testing these might mean replacing each component with an identical one (preferably from a computer that works, of the same construction & configuration) and seeing if the the computer keeps crashing. Definitely beyond the capability of a "lay" user...

Pris said...

Hi Brian
I know. My husband is an A/C contracter and intermittent a/C problems are the same way. They inevitably never happen when he's there and sometimes nothing at all looks wrong.

This problem may be just as difficult to isolate. In my last computer, before I met my tech friend on the Windows Forum and it turned out he lived twenty minutes from me (he was a host on the forum), my previous tech put the same sound card in that I have now. It's a good card and I listen to music from my puter, so wanted one. When he put it in, Front Page started crashing and a couple of other smaller programs. I told him repeatedly that it was the card. He came, didn't take the card out...just disabled the driver in contol panel briefly. Things happened to work then, so he said I was wrong. The problems continued and he told me I needed a new hard drive. Duh??? I'd been posting all of this on the forum, so Lloyd wrote that he wanted to look at the puter before anything was replaced. He physically removed the card and the computer sang. He finally found a link to an incompatality to that card and the particular motherboard I had at the time. Using code, he disabled part of a chip on the board that wasn't used and the problem was solved. I finally had him built me a new puter and it worked great until the huge power fluctuations after we got power back after the last hurricane. I never knew, of course , when one was coming, so couldn't get the puter off in time. They eventually fried the power supply in my puter , the hard drive AND my surge protector box.

Now I'm with all that new and this comes up and so noooo clue.

I didn't mean to write an essay:-)