Thursday, December 15, 2005

Talk to me, Santa!

(I posted this briefly yesterday and then put it into my drafts folder and put up the poem instead, soooooo...Santa's baaaaack!!!)

Red suit out of style, his cholesterol probably too high from that jolly belly, a man whose companions are 12 dwarfs and a reindeer with a nose replacement, he's packing his bag to go out into the skies again this year. What do you want put on the sled for you? Can you write a poem for Santa to entice him??

fat man
on a sled
reindeer grumbling


Ellen M Johns said...

Oh no!!! I haven't written my list for him yet.
So much to do, so little time.

Octavia said...

Ooohhhh, luv your santa hat:))

I gave the reindeer a little treat to ease their grumbling.

Rae Pater said...

Now THAT is what I call a self-portrait Pris. There you are! Cute as a bugs ear!

Pris said...

I always heard those bug ears were pretty cute, Rae lol. Glad you like.

inlow said...

you look good in that there red hat ,Dish

Saint Nick
my needs are

Santa Claus
my list is

I ‘d be butt
still until
I pimple

with a twenty
year bourbon
to snort


Pris said...

plant butt
to stool
and wait.

(a few chocolate
treats for Rudolph
won't hurt)

Santa will
shimmy down
with delish
bourbon for you.

Geoff Sanderson said...

P - love the photo of you two! The other one must be the doppelganger you keep telling me about - the one with the normal eyes who is allowed on the streets in the daytime.

No poem for you, but a true story (would I ever lie to you??)which happened to me yesterday. Outside my local supermarket, I met Santa Claus - no, not one of those old men dressed up in a red suit, but the Real Santa. I know he was real because he told me so - and he was sitting in a huge sleigh, with a beard down to the ground.
Now, I'm past 75 and I've never met the real Santa, so here was my great chance. I threw some money into his collecting bucket, and he said "Ho,Ho, what would you like for Christmas sonny?"
I whispered in his ear "I would like a nubile 18-year-old girl for Christmas."
Santa leaned towards me and replied "Ho, Ho, Ho - wouldn't we all HoHoHo?"

I've lost my faith in Santa now - he's just a dirty old man, like all the rest of us!

Pris said...

Ahh...the disillusionments of life!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

night sky view
distant sound of bells
ho ho ho

Pris said...

fire roars
in the fireplace
yeoh yeoh ow


Michelle e o said...

santa -
bring me
books of poetry

Pris said...

typing 'Michelle'
into his laptop,
poems dance
like sugarplums
in his head.

erin said...

Disenchanted with
presents and bows,
the novelty wore
off and the excitement
faded before the lights
were strung.

My list for Santa:
an end to arguments, willing
listeners, someone who
will do my laundry
for me and for the wonder
of my youth to return.

This year, I wish for a
moment to myself
that I don't steal
from the needs of others.
Do wishes still come true?

Pris said...

wild jingling of bells for erin's poetic wish!

Berenice said...

My Christmas wish:

Time with my dear old Dad.
A chance for us to not be sad.

Kettle on the stove for a brew,
enough in the teapot for two.

A gusty winter afternoon,
with us sitting safe at home.

Awareness of what has passed.
An afternoon to mull over the past.

Dad to tell me how I've aged.
Me to smile and say the same.

Time passes turning pages anew,
skipping a christmas or few.

What I wish from that man in red is
too great to fit in that sack of his.

But to you I wager this, dear S. Claus,
I'll believe in your worldwide travels

and chimney stack acrobatics if
you grant me my one Christmas wish.

Pris said...

Santa spans
all days all time
close your eyes
he'll take you back.
a father's smile
never leaves.
it lurks in one's
heart till magic
brings it out.

Berenice said...

Thank you Santa's little Elf ;-)