Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Haiga Online Journal is up and WOW!

Read Haiga Online for some of the best haiga you've seen online. Want to understand haiga? You'll get a feel for that here. If you don't know what haiga is, google the word. MANY good articles out there. More than I can name in links here.

I know many of the people in this journal and they're tops in talent. Look for Jerry Dreesen, Laralee Frasier, Shane Gilbreth, an'ya, Carol Raisfield...so many more. Perhaps the most emotional page is a series of haiga by Ron Moss, created from photos taken on his return to New Zealand on the occasion of his father's death. Ron is among my 'heros' when it comes to excellent haiga.

This makes two journals this month that have a wow rating with me!


Geoff Sanderson said...

I fully agree - especially about Ron's work, which is exceptional. It's my ambition to get some work published there one day!

Pris said...

Your haiga are very very good. Remember, you've got to SUBMIT :-)

Rae Pater said...

of course I wanted to see the photos of NZ.
Unfortunately on my screem all of Ron Moss' work was cut off either at the bottom or sides, so i was unable to read the words.

Pris said...

Hi Rae
What screen resolution are you using. For eons I stayed at 800 by 600 because the print was larger on everything, but finally, the scrolling from side to side to see everything got to me and I went up, then changed font to 'larger' and it's made a huge difference. Both of those things can be done by right clicking on a blank space on the desktop and choosing properties from the drop down menu. That SHOULD be more the factor than the size of your screen.

Rae Pater said...


Pris said...

Whoops, should've said 'nerd alert, nerd alert!' before I posted that. I was a regular on the Windows Forum for years and still post questions there ever so often.
Easiest start to what I meant, google 'screen resolution' so that concept means something to you.

Bottom line is that the pixels on your screen increase with higher resolutions and you can see more of an internet page, esp those designed for the computers set on that resolution. Goggle first.