Monday, December 05, 2005

Puter .....yes, again, but Lloyd be my hero!!:-)

(I think Lloyd deserves another picture!)

1:20 update to the post below:

My friend, Lloyd, called me over his lunch hour and told me to sign onto MSN to give him remote control of my computer. He's the only person on the planet I would do that with. At any rate, I watched my browser move all around my screen (while I just sat here dizzily), go to RUN and from there into the registry. There, he made a few edits, my two drives are back! i've tested and retested with music and data cd's and it all works. I even again shut off the puter and turned it back on and they were STILL THERE.

Lloyd, how can I ever thank you enough? You're truly wonderful! Smart, too.


original post:

In attempting to update my music player, I lost my CD ROM and DVD drives. GONE from Windows Explorer and My Computer. Control Panel /device manager says the drives are corrupted, but every attempt to install a different drive just gives me a default message saying 'the drivers you have are the best'.

Ever feel like you were on a treadmill??

I had help troubleshooting. I'm sure Lloyd is ready to throttle me by now.

Am exhausted. Computers can be like a bad marriage when they go wrong. Sigh.



Berenice said...

Oh yes...I've been on that treadmill. Remember the beastie box I started off with...the one that made feezing the ultimate art form?

Berenice said...

Oh must be monday. Spot the typo above!

Pris said...

hey, typos aren't bad..i can't even see straight enough to see them. i remember that old puter. I had the puter with the witch living in it before Lloyd built this one and it was constant trouble. This one is a great puter. The crash was from all of the brownouts we had. Then to have it fixed and.....well, you know. Lloyd just sent a note telling me to get some rest. All can be fixed.

Webmoron said...

Damn! I need a haircut!

Pris said...

Oh yeah, it's waaay too long lol.

Geoff Sanderson said...

Has anyone noticed that Pris and Lloyd are getting more and more like each other? Like long-lost brother and sister reunited, they are begining to meld - I think it's down to all that strange post-hurricane electrical interference they are having in Florida.

Hi there, Proyd and Llis!

If you want to see what they will eventually look like, see the portrait at the top of Pris' latest post - painted by Marc Chagal on one of his off-days

Pris said...

hey g,
you really think I'm as cute as lloyd??:-)

Geoff Sanderson said...

Pris, I think you get lovelier with every passing year - remember what they said of Cleaopatra 'Custom cannot stale her infinite variety ...'

Pris said...

I'll remember that when I next look into the mirror, g:-)