Saturday, December 10, 2005

Didi Menendez , Publisher of MiPo, interviewed online

Most poets would rate MiPo Journal as among the top five online journals today, if not higher. The quality of this magazine is due to the driving energy and talent of artist/poet/digital designer Didi Menendez. She works hard, is dedicated and that dedication has paid off.

Want to know more about what makes Didi tick? Take time to read a recent interview with her HERE. Click on Didi's face in the link to go directly to the interview. Leave comments on this post, if you like, and I'll direct Didi's attention to them.

I should mention, too, that Didi did the complete layout for the calendar in the poet's calendar post below. Were it not for her, it would've never turned out so well!



J. Andrew Lockhart said...

thanks for the info -- really interesting

Pris said...

Hi Andrew
Glad you enjoyed.

gingerivers said...
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Ellen M Johns said...

Well, I must admire the lady. Anyone that contributes to charitable fund-raising deserves full credit. It is hard graft.
It has certainly paid off in the calandar project.
I know of Didi from the Poetry Board League, where she put in a lot of her time and effort. On our poetry board, it is a sorely missed poetry event.

Pris said...

Yes, Didi gives so much that people don't even know about because she doesn't announce it. She's a very generous woman.

Berenice said...

I agree with Ellen. I have only had dealings with Didi via the PBL, but I am concious of her presence on the internet and I have respect for what she does. As the admin of the board Ellen mentioned I am only too aware of the time and commitment it takes and how other life issues often force it onto a back burner. Didi, I congratulate you.

666poetry-finchnot said...

ginger / i'm not sure what your
expectation of cafe cafe
is / / could you be more specific
as to
what you perceive as lack of purpose &
direction & disorganization

my experience with didi is that
she is a very giving person / with
no expectation of any thing in return

i believe didi offers up a lot of
opportunities for on line poets to
receive exposure & appreciation for
their work / exposure & appreciation
they might not otherwise receive

she does in numerous ways / message boards
cruises / mipo magazine / mipo radio
etc /

i think / that is not / a bad thing / /

to be honest ginger /
your comments come across as
un warrented / & a bit mean / /
& negative

i'm wonder ing what your vested interest is in
didi having "too many projects in the works"

why would this be any concern of yours

perhaps if you feel this way
you should take this up with
didi in a private email / ask
her directly / voice your concerns

i don't believe this forum is the place
for this type of commentary

pris / thanx so much for posting this link
i feel privledged to know you & didi / i think
you are both doing a wonder ful job / as are numerous
others / i hope you are well on this december day


Michael Parker said...

Thanks for posting this Pris. I finally was able to read the interview. I loved all of the photos of Didi! Most excellent! I too applaud Didi for all of the hard work she does. It is a privilege working with her.

Pris said...

hi jx...i feel priviledged to know YOU, too!

i enjoyed my time working with didi on the calendar, too. she works hard and works well. did you see the announcement yet, too? One of Reb Livingston's poems that was published in MiPo was chosen by Billy Collins to appear in Best of Poetry 2006?! That means Billy Collins is reading MiPo. E-zines are coming of age. Congrats to both Reb and to didi!

gingerivers said...
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Pris said...
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Pris said...

I'll try the post again.

Ginger, this isn't the time or place for this type of discussion. I'll leave it in place until noon today and if you haven't deleted it by then, I will. I doubt Finch will return to this post to read what you said, but others will and this post was meant to honor Didi. I'd like to keep it in that vein.

gingerivers said...
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gingerivers said...
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Pris said...

no, mayhem didn't occur here. Ginger deleted one post at my request, then posted several times that she couldn't find the icon to remove another one. She found it..was able to remove two , then emailed me to ask that I remove the others, all about being unable to delete.

so that's what that's all about. someone asked, so thought others would have the same question.