Friday, December 30, 2005

If you like Enya...

I hope you can get this beautiful video from her website. Sometimes it takes two tries for it to load for me and give it a minutes. Also, sometimes, it comes up the first time with no sound, but on the second try the sound is there. If you hate Enya, well...write me a poem:-)

The site, itself, is interactive and fun to visit. Look for it at Berenice from Poet at Rest was kind enough to share this with me.



Ellen M Johns said...

Thanks for this link B and Pris.

It looks like she is running through an ethereal rainforest and the colours are superb.

Her persona and music ooze calmness and relaxation.

Pris said...

I find this very relaxing, too. Even put a link to it on my desktop for a bit so I would click on it easily to watch. I find her music very relaxing, in general.

Berenice said...


Html....fantastic, lol.

Yours, a self confessed and proud html junkie.