Monday, October 24, 2005

Wilma rapidly approaching

Even though it's just now reaching the west coast of Florida, about four hours from us, tthe wind is gusting outside already. The storm has picked up speed and a few tornados have set down.

Here's the morning Washington Post Online.

I don't know if we'll lose power or not, but the odds are that we will. Yes, I'm nervous. No, I didn't sleep well...not at all since around 3 30. Last year did a number on me with two hits in my area. I hear the word 'hurricane' and my stomach tightens up.

The lights are flickering again. I'll post this and sign off.



Rae Pater said...

My thoughts are with you Pris.
I pray you and everyone else there in Florida will be safe.

So scary with so many hurricanes!

Take care.


The Foggy Blogger said...


Hope you are safe and sound there. As I was on my way in to work about 45 mins ago I was listening to NPR news. They were playing live feed from a reporter and he was telling everyone to stay inside- that the eye was passing over. He said everything stops and it's calm when it passes over, then the second half of it will hit. They were warming people not to go out thinking it's over. That must b e so eerie. Anyway, hope you are safe.

mouse said...

I hope the eye does not pass over you, because around that rim is where the worst of it comes to bear. My thoughts are with you too. Take care!

tammy said...

Take care, Pris. Hope to hear from you soon.

erin said...

you are in my thoughts and prayers... i know thw stomach knot well... hunker down, read a good book, and enjoy the time that you have in which you really, truely, have nothing to do but stay put!


Lyle Daggett said...

Thinking of you tonight, Pris. Be safe and well.

keros said...

Pris- I am writing from work. I have no power at home.

I lost all my trees (3 forty foot trees in front of the house are gone), no pool enclosure, and no fence. It got blown away

I got trees IN my pool and some roof damage. Not too bad. The house itself is habitable. Thank God.

I pray you and Didi are okay.