Friday, October 28, 2005

Update from Pris...via Berenice, Wales.

I've just phoned Pris. She is still without power. It's looking like friday of next week or possibly longer. The problem is the damage to the power station serving her area. That is going to take some time to repair. I've told Pris of all your kind replies and she says to tell you that she really appreciates what you have written.

Update via email from a friend. "She has luke warm water for bathing, a camp stove (gas) to heat food, and canned goods. But she is cut off from the world she knows best- her computer, and will be for several more days it looks like at the least. Her voice is pretty shaky, but she's holding up."

I miss Pris hugely and every snippet of information is of great comfort. This is one heck of a tough time for you Pris, I hope you get to read this soon...very soon. I feel honoured to be caretaker of your wonderful blog and to be passer on of news to your friends and readers. Thank you for the privilage. And thank you Joe for keeping me updated with the emails.

Okay...I'm going to put down the duster before I knock another ornament off the shelf and wait patiently for some more news :-) Berenice.


Brian Campbell said...

I'm glad though to hear that Pris is well. Send her my wishes and regards, Berenice.

Michelle e o said...


Be well. I know this must be very stressful, but you'll be back home and comfortable soon. Hang in there.

Geoff Sanderson said...

This is a great service you are providing B - I greatly miss Pris too, as I'm in email contact with her most days. Thank you for keeping us all informed, and send her love from Jill and me the next time you phone her.G.

Michael Parker said...

Again, Berenice, thank you for being the messenger. Please tell Pris "hello;" send along my best and heartfelt wishes.

Carter Monroe said...

Hoping desperately for a new update.